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H CVAS, Mannuthy. Animal Nutrition : Areas of research interest. Formulation of a cost effective complete feed for lactating dairy cows using conventional and un-conventional feed ingredients. Evaluation of the nutritional potential of ayurvedic medicinal residues for ruminants. Formulation of a cost effective milk replacer for calves using soya milk. Areas of expertise. Programme of KAU.

The study proved that lactating cows can be reared economically and exclusively on complete feeds with minimum amount of fibre, which augurs well for the feed and fodder shortage of Kerala.

The research was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Research projects completed. Name of the Student. Adm No. Major Advisor. Thesis Title submitted. Biju Chacko. Evaluation of unconventional feed based complete rations for cross bred dairy cows in early lactation.

Partial replacement of whole milk with soy milk in pre-ruminant calves for economic dairy farming. Mahesh S. Effect of dietary incorporation of ayurvedic pharmaceutic gritham residues on growth performance of Malabari kids.

Comparative evaluation the effect of dietary incorporation of Ayurvedic medicinal residues on growth performance of Malabari kids by in vitro and in vivo techniques. Sl No. Project Title. Comparative evaluation of a complete ration for cross bred dairy cows in early lactation formulated using protein rich unconventional feed ingredients with a conventional complete ration by in vitro and in vivo techniques.

Effect of partial replacement of soyabean meal SBM with spent brewer's grains SBG in broiler ration, supplemented with or without enzymes. Arathi Salim. Dietary incorporation of raw banana peel silage on growth and nutrient utilization in weaned Malabari kids. Students belonging to all disciplines of admission at College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy. Biju Chacko , Syam Mohan. Biju Chacko , K. Syam Mohan, K. Ally, K. Shyama, K. Anil and C. K , Biju Chacko, Sunanda. Mujeeb Haji, President of Tanalur Grama Panchayath for the excellent work carried out in conducting and documenting the scientific interventions in sustainable development of the Dairy Sector as part of the NSS Camp Dwithi held at Thanalur Panchayath, Malappuram from to Publications made.

Biju Chacko and George Mathen. Sathian Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. Shyama, P. Saseendran, K. Journal of Indian Veterinary Association Kerala. Veterinary World. Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences.

Indian Veterinary Journal. Indian Journal of Veterinary Research. Indian Journal of Animal Research. Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology. Anil, C. International Journal of Livestock Research. Ally and K. Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Biosciences. Acceptance lr. K, Biju Chacko , Sunanda. C, Dildeep. International Journal of Science and Nature. V, Biju Chacko , Murugan, S. Acceptance letter dt. The Pharma Innovation Journal ; 9 1 : Mahesh Kajagar.

C, Shyama K. Raseel, B. Chacko , K. Shyama, C. Sunanda, P. Gangadevi and J. Abraham has been accepted for publication in Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology. Acceptance letter ANFT dt. Charujith Narayananan, Dildeep. K and Sunanda. Indian Journal of Natural Sciences. Subrhamanyeswar G. Sathya Sooryan, A. S, Senthil Murugan. S, Dildeep. V, Biju Chacko and Balusamy.

C Shanlax International Journal of Veterinary Science. P, Senthil Murugan. S, Shyama. K, Biju Chacko, Patkhi, H. S and Sunanda. Deepak, Senthil Murugan. Mohanan and attended by Sri. Ashok IAS. College Mananthavady from to Biju Chacko , Rasanath. Book of Abstracts OL p. Won the best paper award. Book of Abstracts PP p. Abstracts 30 th Kerala Science Congress p. Secured the award of second prize for oral presentation in the Animal Production and Management section in the 10 th Kerala Veterinary Science Congress held on November 10 th and 11 th at Kannur.

Fahmida, V. Oral presentation by student Fahmida. Biju Chacko , Syam Mohan K. M, Ally.


Aadu Valarthal: Boavari, Malabari @ INDULEKHA.BiZ | Kerala`s No.1 Online Bookstore

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Aadu Valarthal: Boavari, Malabari @ INDULEKHA.BiZ | Kerala`s No.1 Online Bookstore

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