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Quick Links. Download this manual. KN9 SLI. This user's manual contains all the information you may. To read the user's. The auto-run screen will appear, click the. If not, browse the. Table of Contents. Amd athlon xp system board socket kw7 series 72 pages. Page 3: Table Of Contents 2. BIOS Setup Page 4 3. Page 7: Motherboard Layout 1. Page 8: Kn9 Ultra 1. Page 9: Kn9S 1. Page Hardware Setup After doing this to all the slots, you can slide the board into position aligned with slots.

After the board has been positioned, check to make sure everything is OK before putting the chassis back on. Set the CPU operating speed back to its default or an appropriate value. Save and exit the BIOS setup menu. The system will not start without connecting power to this one. Page Fan Power Connectors These connectors each provide power to the cooling fans installed in your system. DO NOT place jumper caps on these connectors.

Page Installing Hardware 3. The heatsink for CPU may have thermal interface material attached bottom. If not, applying a few squeeze of thermal paste to the CPU die will help to increase the contact. Nevertheless, stay alert to touch any heatsink since the high temperature generated by the working system is still possible.

Usually there is no hardware or BIOS setup requires after adding or removing memory modules, but you will have to clear the CMOS memory first if any memory module related problem occurs. Page 22 DIMM module. Before starting these procedures, ensure that you are discharged of static electricity by touching a grounded metal object briefly. Page 24 1. Insert the SLI bracket into the bracket slot between the graphics cards. Secure the SLI bracket and the graphics cards to the chassis with screws.

The red line on the ribbon cable must be aligned with pin-1 on both the IDE port and the hard-drive connector. To connect SATA device: 1. Attach either end of the signal cable to the SATA connector on motherboard. Page Additional Usb 2. Page 30 1. Page Onboard Status Display These indicators work as a reminding device to display the power status of this motherboard with power source connected.

The BIOS setup screens and descriptions illustrated in this manual are for your reference only, and may not completely match with what you see on your screen. Page Appendix Close the chassis and switch on the power supply unit or plug in the power cord. Press the power-on button to boot up system.

If the situation remains the same, try Step 3. Page 44 Motherboard: Type in the model name and revision number of your motherboard. You can find it on the screen during the POST sequence. Page 45 Q. Is the motherboard dead? A: After you had gone through the troubleshooting procedures, yet the problem still exists, or you find an evident damage on the motherboard. Please contact our RMA center. This manual is also suitable for: Kn9 ultra Kn9s. Print page 1 Print document 48 pages.

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User manual ABIT KN9

Many of their motherboards during this era were incredibly well received by the PC gaming and enthusiast community due to their superb performance and excellent computing capabilities. However, since that point Abit has lost some of its glory due to their previous financial troubles as well as the fierce competition they have faced and continue to face from DFI, among other motherboard manufacturers. Since that merger, Abit has been working hard at re-targeting their products to PC enthusiasts and gamers. This year Abit has unveiled a new logo as well as delivered on several new products and innovations.



Quick Links. Download this manual. KN9 SLI. This user's manual contains all the information you may.


abit kn9s User Manual


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