There are many methods to convert analog signals to digital signals. These converters find more applications as an intermediate device to convert the signals from analog to digital form, display output on LCD through a microcontroller. Now we are going to see an ADC of It is an 8-bit converter with 5V of power supply. It can take only one analog signal as input.

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Pin Number. Pin Name. Analog Channel 1 to 5. These 7 pins are the input pins for Analog voltage sensor. This is an input pin which is made high to start conversion. End of Conversion EOC. This is an output pin which goes high once the conversion is over.

Output 2 -1 to 2 Output digital pins which gives the result of the ADC conversion. OUT EN. Has to be made high to get output on output pins. Has to be given clock signals 0V-5V 20Mhz approx. Powers the IC typically with 5V. Connect to ground of the circuit. Vref -. Vref is connected to ground normally. This pin is should be temporarily made high to select ADC channel. These three pins are used to select the channel. It is a pin Eight channel 8-bit ADC module. That is for every increase of Or even to use as a standalone ADC module.

Hence, if you are looking for a ADC module with a decent resolution of 8-bit that could measure up to 8 channels then this IC is for you. Since the ADC IC can measure up to eight Analog voltage and also does not have an internal clock slightly requires more components to make it work compared to its predecessor ADC The right input analog voltage can be given to pins from IN1 to IN7, but the IC can read the voltage of only one channel at a time.

These three bits have to be set as shown in the table below to access the respective analog channel. Once the channel is set it should be enabled by making the Address latch enabled ALE pin to go high momentarily.

In the above circuit I have used a potentiometer to feed in a variable voltage of 0V to 5V to the IN1 pin and the present Voltage is read using a voltmeter. As you can see in the image the voltage value is 2. The obtained value is 2. Subscribe to stay updated with industry's latest Electronics components and news.

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Analog to Digital Converters

Be sure to consult the manufactures data-sheets for other chips. For a quick reference refer to table 2. Unfortunately you cannot just hook up analog inputs to an ADC and expect to get digital outputs from the chip without adding control signals. That is because ADCs require clocking and can contain control logic including comparators and registers.


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