Al Kavadlo has done an incredible job with Stretching Your Boundaries. He's presented a very practical and relevant to your strength and calisthenics training approach. He's cut through the mumbo jumbo that sometimes surrounds flexibility training and in his signature way, has made it all… Read More. How sure are we that Stretching Your Boundaries paperback will work for you?

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This book is well presented, with its vibrant imagery from screenshots set in New York to London, creating workouts out of everything and anything available outdoors really gives this book an authentic and unique feeling from all other manuals. The Kavadlo brothers mean business. Their… Read More. Their new book Street Workout is an incredibly comprehensive collection of calisthenics concepts, exercises and programs.

In addition to their masterful demonstrations of every exercise, the Kavadlo brothers' colorful personalities and motivational talents leap off of every page. If you're serious about bodyweight training, you've gotta get this book!

This work is the greatest manual on progressive calisthenics available on the market today. It's loaded with incredible progressions, stacked with tips and techniques, and overflowing with philosophy and wisdom.

The programming sections are beyond extensive. Street Workout is THE magnum opus of the two greatest calisthenics coaches on the planet today.

All serious athletes and coaches must buy this book!! Al and Danny Kavadlo have a fun and informative way of explaining and demonstrating the key calisthenics exercises for a fit, healthy and happy life. Their sharp instructional images are joyfully inspirational and always motivate me to bust out some reps on the spot! I truly wish there had been a comprehensive workout guide like this when I first discovered the miracles of bodyweight training.

How sure are we that Street Workout eBook will work for you? Simply fill out the form below and put Street Workout eBook to work for you right now. Obviously , we would go out of business if Street Workout eBook didn't work, the way we said, right? With the promise of a full refund if you're unsatisfied, you have nothing to lose by trying Street Workout eBook.

Go ahead and try it today. A ccording to the Kavadlos , working out should be fun, adventurous, primal and pure. And no training style embodies those elements quite like Street Workout. The outside world becomes your total gym—you roam free to get stronger using simply your own body and the environment at hand….

The great masters of Street Workout perform stunning physical feats that can intimidate lesser mortals. Intermediate and advanced calisthenics practitioners will discover a veritable treasure chest of tips, techniques and insider secrets—guaranteed to force-feed their future achievements in the realm of bodyweight mastery. Pushing, pulling and squatting your own bodyweight along with forward flexion and back bridging represent the basics of getting brutally strong, solid and unbreakable.

Street Workout proves it so—with its mix of inspirational photography, exact detail on what to do when—and its step-by-step blueprints for off-the-charts, eye-popping physical excellence.

Street Workout fires its first barrage with a crucial section on the Foundational Progressions —future and ongoing physical greatness cannot be achieved without mastery of these five fundamental pillars of fitness…. You will immediately appreciate the nobility, virtue and integrity of these movement patterns. Absorb the wisdom of this first section and you have absorbed the very heart and soul of the Street Workout ethos…. Chapter 4 awards you the foundational progressions for the Push —in all its glory.

Look, there is no substitute in strength training for the pull-up—all the more so in our hunched-over world of addiction to devices… And mastery of Chapter 5 earns you the Maestro tag for sure…. Chapter 6 awards you the foundational progressions for the Squat —the ultimate movement needed to build jack hammer legs. Chapter 7 awards you the foundational progressions for the Flex —meaning "full body forward flexion".

Master this section and your etched abs and ripped upper-body musculature will earn you the Mister or Madam Magnificent tag Chapter 8 awards you the foundational progressions for the Bridge. Bridging is an invaluable yet often overlooked component of full body fitness. Bridge work will have a dramatic impact on your power, balance and flexibility—and give you a back that would make a wild tiger proud…. Master this section—along with the previous four—and you can consider your Manhood or Womanhood beyond serious challenge….

But Street Workout encourages you to not stop there, not rest on your laurels…. You can do it! As Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo themselves bear witness—in photo after photo after photo…. Mastering the exercise progressions in this section will propel you to new heights, to the land where the giants of Street Workout strut their splendid stuff.

And make no mistake, only the bold of heart, the iron-willed and the profoundly persistent will be godlike enough to make it all the way… If you have those qualities, then nothing should stop you—because the complete blueprint for mastery is laid out for you…. If you are one of those folk looking for cheap hacks so you can pretend your way to greater strength, then this section of Street Workout is not for you… However, if you are made of sterner stuff, then read on….

Exercises like the muscle-up, the handstand or the human flag demand the perfect mix of technical skill, hard training and thousands of progressive reps to attain. The Floor Holds, Bar Moves and Human Flag categories within this section contain the instructions you need to make it to the summit.

The rest is up to you…. Chapter 9 awards you the progressions for Floor Holds. The final category to achieve here is the Planche which represents calisthenics strength, precision, skill and fortitude in the most advanced forms. Have at it and let us know how you do!

Chapter 10 awards you the progressions for Bar Moves. Nothing screams "Street Workout" like bar moves. Many practitioners of advanced calisthenics were roped in the first time they saw these exercises because they are so spectacular looking. The Kavadlos sure were! However, these bar moves are not just eye-poppingly cool to look at—they require tremendous strength, skill and perseverance to attain. These gravity-defying feats will suspend you in mid-air and have you feeling like king or queen of the world!

Chapter 11 awards you the progressions for the Human Flag. The full press flag has become synonymous with Street Workout. Again, though, beyond the amazing visual, there is an ungodly amount of upper body strength needed to perform the numerous types of human flag. Flags will give you—and require—beastly arms, shoulders, an iron chest and a back of sprung steel. The good news is that this chapter lays out the complete blueprint on how to go from Flag-newbie to Human Flag hellraiser….

Chapter 12 gives you a handy set of Assessments so you can see how you stack up against the best in the bodyweight kingdom. Here you can assess your relative calisthenics competency across a broad array of classic street workout exercises. These charts can also serve as a guideline to help you determine when it is appropriate to move on to harder exercises.

Chapter 13 , Street Workouts , gives you 12 routines to follow or adapt that run from moderate to diabolical in their intensity…. Chapter 14 gives you 6 Training Templates that you can incorporate into your programming.

They serve as examples of how you can approach your routines. Their workouts variations will enable users to blast through plateaus. Cannot find one fault and I've had this product since it's launch months ago and only placed my review now purposely. Even the bonus material is enough for a book on its own. Street Workout falls under the "essential" category.

The Kavadlo brothers' Street Workout is a fantastic compendium of urban calisthenics that will develop your mind, body and spirit. The layout is intelligently progressive and represents every level of fitness. Not only is every move detailed, but the Kavadlo Bros offer insightful tips that only their combined years of experience can provide. While total body strength is the theme, the golden thread running throughout the book is fun.

Give the Kavadlo Brothers a high five for this one! The Kavadlo's do it again in collaboration not singular! If you're a seeker of knowledge and a serious practiciner in the world of calisthenics, you owe it too yourself to pick this book up!

This is also a great book to have Personal Training clients follow. I have all of Al and Danny's books Street Workout was the cherry on top!! I injured my back a few years ago doing heavy deadlifts I searched around the internet for alternative methods to help rehab my back Everything in this book is all you need to be the strongest healthiest person you can be!!

It truly is the bible of Calisthenics!!! I would like to thank Al and Danny for helping bringing me back from what I thought was gonna be a life long injury I can proudly say I'm a calisthenics junkie now!!

If you're a newbie purchase this book you won't be disappointed!!! Thanks again guys!!! At one time I thought I was the only one. The Street Workout concept is easy to adopt. In the city there are railings, fire escapes, gates, walls, scaffolding, benches, all manner of things.

Open spaces with scenery, graffitti, rivers, wastelands, statues - choose your own backdrop to suit your mood. Some might feel shy doing their exercises in public. I reasoned that most people now were too engrossed in their smart phones to even notice so why not use the waiting time productively?

I've made friends with other calisthenics practitioners who came over to chat. It can be a very social endeavour. This Street Workout book is a celebration of this particular artform, performed by the World renowned Kavadlos with characteristic finesse. This book is awesome!!

A must have for any practitioner of Calisthenics. It's got everything you need from push-ups to flags with all the progressions in between. Great instruction on how to do everything.


Stretching Your Boundaries

Calisthenics , Calisthenics Workout , More 0 comments. Al Kavadlo is probably the biggest promoter of Convict Conditioning. Not only incredible athlete but also author of a few books. He lives and breathes the philosophy of Convict Conditioning and teaches it on a daily basis. I personally follow him religiously and his teachings really helped me tremendously on my journey. Recognized worldwide for his amazing bodyweight feats of strength as well as his unique coaching style.


Al Kavadlo Books

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