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In this section, we will have a look at the Sylow theorems and their applications. The proofs are a bit difficult but nonetheless interesting. Important remark: Wikipedia also has proofs of the Sylow theorems, see Wikipedia article on the Sylow theorems , which are shorter and more elegant. But here you can find other proofs. This is because the author wanted to avoid redundancy. Definition 2 : Let H be a subgroup of a group G.

We define the normalizer N[H] of H as follows:. Then there exists an element of G which has order p. Proof : For this proof, we use induction. Let H be a p-subgroup of G, i. But also the following equivalences are true:. P acts on X by conjugation. Now we let Q act on X by conjugation, instead of P. So what does this mean? Then the normalizer of H is the stabilizer of H in this action. Therefore, it is a subgroup due to Lemma 14 of the section about group actions, QED.

Proof : This follows from the proof of Sylow II and the thm. But since due to the orbit-stabilizer theorem thm. This proves the second part. In this section, it will be shown how to show that groups of a certain order can not be simple using the Sylow theorems. This is a useful application of the Sylow theorems. But since, due to Sylow II, the conjugate of the only Sylow 5-group is again a Sylow 5-group, it is itself.

This is the definition of normal subgroups. Therefore, by the definition of simple groups, groups of order are not simple.

This is due to theorem 2 from the section about group actions. The image can't be trivial, because all Sylow 2-groups are conjugate because of Sylow II. We let G act on the cosets of S by left multiplication. Therefore, the kernel is a proper, non-trivial normal subgroup, which is why the group is not simple. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world.

Lemma 8 : The normalizer of a subgroup is a subgroup. How to show that groups of a certain order aren't simple [ edit ] In this section, it will be shown how to show that groups of a certain order can not be simple using the Sylow theorems. Example 11 : Groups of order are not simple.

Example 12 : Groups of order 48 are not simple. Example 13 : Groups of order are not simple. Category : Book:Abstract Algebra. Namespaces Book Discussion. Views Read Edit View history.

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