Rodrigues Junior, O. Filtro de Kalman: es un algoritmo de estimaci? While TEBs may be part of a larger system of tsunami mitigation efforts, other strategies and approaches amplificadroes to be considered. The aims of this study were to a calculate the radiation dose to out-of-field organs from radiotherapy for stage I testicular seminoma and b estimate the associated radiogenic risks. The result was not optimal as GH normalization was not observed.

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Obura, Evans; Midega, Charles A. Napier grass Pennisetum purpureum is the most important fodder crop in smallholder dairy production systems in East Africa, characterized by small zero-grazing units. It is also an important trap crop used in the management of cereal stemborers in maize in the region. However, production of Napier grass in the region is severely constrained by Napier stunt disease. The etiology of the disease is known to be a phytoplasma, 16SrXI strain.

However, the putative insect vector was yet unknown. We sampled and identified five leafhopper and three planthopper species associated with Napier grass and used them as candidates in pathogen transmission experiments. Healthy plants were exposed for 60 days to insects that had fed on diseased plants and acquired phytoplasma.

The plants were then incubated for another 30 days. Nested PCR analyses showed that We compared the nucleotide sequences of the phytoplasma isolated from R. The results confirm that R. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Rice stripe mosaic virus RSMV is a newly discovered species of cytorhabdovirus infecting rice plants that is transmitted by the leafhopper Recilia dorsalis. Under suitable growth conditions for R. The minimum acquisition and inoculation access periods of R.

Our findings revealed that the virus can replicate in the leafhopper body, but is likely not transovarially transmitted to offspring. These transmission characteristics will help guide the formulation of RSMV prevention and control strategies. Kramers Pairs in configuration interaction. The theory of symmetry-preserving Kramers pair creation operators is reviewed and formulas for applying these operators to configuration interaction calculations are derived.

A new and more general type of symmetry-preserving pair creation operator is proposed and shown to commute with the total The quantum Kramers ' turnover. The key result of Kramers ' dynamical theory of reaction rate is that the rate varies linearly in the weak dissipative regime and inversely in the high dissipative regime with friction of the reaction medium.

That is in between the energy diffusion and spatial diffusion limited regime the rate constant as a function of friction exhibits a bell-shaped curve known as Kramers ' turnover. Natalja Sindetskaja. Polarizability tensor and Kramers -Heisenberg induction. A general expression for the semiclassical, nonrelativistic linear polarizability of an arbitrary volume element V has been derived in the long wavelength approximation.

The derivation starts from the expectation value of the dipole strength, as in the original Kramers -Heisenberg paper about optical. Pursuit of the Kramers -Henneberger atom. Superstrong femtosecond pulsed lasers can profoundly alter electronic structure of atoms and molecules. The oscillating laser field drives one or more electrons almost free.

When averaged over, the rapid oscillations combine with the static Coulomb potential to create an effective binding potential. The consequent array of bound states comprises the ; Kramers -Henneberger Atom;. Theorists have brought forth many properties of KH atoms, yet convincing experimental evidence is meager.

We examine a remarkable experiment accelerating atoms Eichmann et al. It offers tantalizing evidence for the KH atom, with prospects for firm confirmation by adjustment of laser parameters. Kramer The dependency paradox Feeney states that independence actually can result from being in a nurturing relationship.

Those who divorce often have the opposite notion that independence will occur without a relationship. Kramer examine divorce from different angles. The protagonists in all three movies grow through the process of divorce, each achieving a level of autonomy that seemed unattainable within their marriage. This paper aims to explore the concept of divorce in light of the dependency paradox by examining the self-differentiation achieved and the consequences of such independence for both the individual and, in Kramer vs.

Kramer , for the child involved. We propose two transceiver schemes based on Kramers Kronig KK detection. One targets low-cost high-throughput applications and uses PAM transmission in combination with direct detection and digital reconstruction of the optical phase. This scheme allows digital compensation of chromatic dispersion and provides a significant improvement in terms of spectral efficiency, compared to conventional PAM transmission.

The second scheme targets high-channel-count coherent systems with the aim of simplifying the receiver complexity by reducing the optical components count.

The Kramers problem: Fifty years of development. In the last fifty years the seminal work by Kramers of has been greatly extended both by elaboration of new theoretical approaches and through applications to new experimental systems.

The most interesting case turns out to be the regime of weak-to-medium damping, in which case the Fokker-Planck equation can be reduced to an equation or to a system of integral equations of the Wiener-Hopf type.

Exact solutions can then be given for the escape rate from single- and double-well potentials. This general scheme can be naturally extended to include quantum penetration through a semiclassical barrier and the effect of quantum noise. Finally, we consider the Brownian motion in a tilted washboard potential using Josephson junctions as an illustrative example.

Geodynamic Evolution of the Banda Sea Region. We've carried out a large on- and offshore study in Eastern Indonesia to characterize the major structures and to provide constraints on the Neogene geodynamic evolution of the Banda Sea region. The onshore portion utilized remote sensing data and published geology. We tied the onshore to the offshore using recently acquired high resolution bathymetric data 16m and 25m bin size and 2D seismic profiles that extend from Sulawesi in the west to Irian Jaya in the east across the northern part of the Banda Arc.

We interpret the northern boundary of the 'Birds Head' BH of Papua, the Sorong Fault, to be a sinistral strike-slip fault zone with a minimum of 48 km displacement over the last few million years. The western boundary fault of Cendrawasih Basin defines the eastern boundary of BH and corresponds to the Wandamen Peninsula which comprises high pressure metamorphic rocks, including eclogite and granulite facies rocks, with exhumation ages from 4 to 1 Ma.

Earthquake focal mechanism solutions indicate that the eastern boundary of BH is linked with a large scale offshore normal fault which we suggest may be related to the exhumation of the Wandamen Peninsula. This interpretation is supported by recent GPS studies. We propose that the BH and the Pacific plate are coupled, and therefore the Birds Head is therefore completely detached from Irian Jaya. Kramers -Kronig transform for the surface energy loss function.

The validity of the new surface KK transform is confirmed, using both a Lorentz oscillator model and the surface energy loss functions determined from the experimental complex dielectric function of SrTiO 3 and tungsten metal.

The interband transition strength spectra J cv have been derived either directly from the original complex dielectric function or from the derived dielectric function obtained from the KK transform of the surface energy loss function.

The original J cv trace and post-J cv trace overlapped together for the three modes, indicating that the new surface Kramers -Kronig dispersion relationship is valid for the surface energy loss function.

Generalization of Kramer 's formula: Fission over a multidimensional potential barrier. We generalize Kramers 's rate expression for diffusion over a potential barrier to the case of a diffusion problem for n degrees of freedom. These can be thought of as the shape degrees of freedom of a fissioning nucleus. We present our formula for the fission width and discuss its dependence on the parameters: the mass tensor, the friction tensor, and the shape of the potential landscape.

Kramers turnover theory is solved for a particle in a symmetric triple well potential for temperatures above the crossover temperature between tunneling and activated barrier crossing.

Comparison with the turnover theory for a double well potential shows that the presence of the intermediate well always leads to a decrease of the reaction rate. At most though, the rate is a factor of two smaller than in the case of a double well potential.

Simple relations between mean passage times and Kramers ' stationary rate. The classical problem of the escape time of a metastable potential well in a thermal environment is generally studied by various quantities like Kramers ' stationary escape rate, mean first passage time, nonlinear relaxation time, or mean last passage time.

In addition, numerical simulations lead to the definition of other quantities as the long-time limit escape rate and the transient time.

In this paper, we propose some simple analytical relations between all these quantities. In particular, we point out the hypothesis used to evaluate these various times in order to clarify their comparison and applicability, and show how average times include the transient time and the long-time limit of the escape rate. Kramers degeneracy and relaxation in vanadium, niobium and tantalum clusters.

In this work we use magnetic deflection of V, Nb, and Ta atomic clusters to measure their magnetic moments. While only a few of the clusters show weak magnetism, all odd-numbered clusters deflect due to the presence of a single unpaired electron. Surprisingly, for the majority of V and Nb clusters an atomic-like behavior is found, which is a direct indication of the absence of spin—lattice interaction. This is in agreement with Kramers degeneracy theorem for systems with a half-integer spin.

This purely quantum phenomenon is surprisingly observed for large systems of more than 20 atoms, and also indicates various quantum relaxation processes, via Raman two-phonon and Orbach high-spin mechanisms.

In heavier, Ta clusters, the relaxation is always present, probably due to larger masses and thus lower phonon energies, as well as increased spin—orbit coupling. The objective of the present study was to correlate seric values of bilirubin with the Kramer 's index in a group of newborns with neonatal jaundice, from three different ethnic groups. This was a prospective, randomized, observational, descriptive-analytical, longitudinal, comparative and controlled study of 50 newborns with neonatal jaundice, without complications.

Each newborn was screened at the start of the study for their Kramer 's dermic areas and simultaneously, a venous blood sample from the arm was taken for bilirubin quantification. They were compared through a correlation-regression analysis. Values at the beginning of the study were: serum bilirubin There were no ethnic differences.

In conclusion, the Kramer 's method offers multiple advantages to evaluate a jaundiced newborn; it is a safe, non-invasive method with no cost. Besides, it is of great help in the prevention of the kernicterus. It is recommended to implement the use of the Kramer method in all the newborns units in our Hospitals, preferably in those lacking transcutaneous bilirubinometers.

Sedimentology and marine geology of the Banda Arc, Eastern Indonesia. The aim of this study is to analyze and to relate several aspects of the sedimentological, petrological and geotechnical characteristics of the Quaternary sea floor lithofacies deposited in tectonically active basins in the Banda Sea region.

The combined sedimentological, petrological, and faunal. The combined sedimentological, petrological, and. When used with a JEOL EX high-resolution transmission electron microscope this program allows to measure the dielectric functions of materials with an energy resolution of approx 1.








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