In the Introduction to this first English translation of the Metamorphoses of Antoninus Liberalis, a mythographer of the early centuries C. However, with a considerable amount of at times good-natured self-deprecating humor and an array of enthusiastic and eclectic information, this book succeeds in being both accessible and informative for both the general reader and even the professional scholar in other disciplines who is interested in mythological variants. The notes do a good job covering essential and elementary information about the myths and the identities of gods and places. The information ranges from very detailed explanations of ornithological and mythological detail, to the very basic, such as the identity of Poseidon or the Muses. Especially helpful for many might be the extensive lists of parallel versions of the myths or stories included in the notes, ranging from such sources as other ancient Greek and Roman texts, to African tales, and Walt Disney. The translation of this completely inartistic Greek text is for the most part adequate.

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This text is part of: Greek and Roman Materials. View text chunked by: first letter : entry entry. Table of Contents: A Abaeus - Abuli'tes. Abu'ria Gens - Achae'menes. Achae'menes - Acrisioniades. Acri'sius - Adrasteia. Adrasteia - Ae'gipan. Aegisthus - Aemi'lius Papinia'nus. Aemi'lius Parthenia'nus - Aeso'pus. Aeso'pus , Clau'dius - Agame'des. Agamemnon - Agela'us. Agela'us - A'gnius. Agno'dice - Ahenobarbus. Ahenobarbus - Albi'nus. Albi'nus - Alcibi'ades. Alci'damas - Aleuas. Aleuas - Alexander Iv.

Alexander - Ale'xius. Ale'xius - Ama'docus. Amae'sia Se'ntia - Amentes. Ame'rias - Amphi'damas. Amphi'dicus - Amyntas. Amyntas - Anaxandra. Anaxandra - A'ndreas. Andro'nidas - Anni'ceris. A'nnius - A'ntias. Anticlei'a - Anti'nous. Anti'pater - Anti'stius. Anti'stius - Anto'nius Anti'stius. Anti'stius Sosia'nus. Anto'nia Gens. Antoni'nus , M. Antoni'nus Pius. Antoni'nus Libera'lis. Anto'nius or Anto'nius Hybrida. Anto'nius or M. Anto'nius - Apelles. Apelles - Apollodo'rus. Apollodo'rus - Apollonius.

Apollonius - Apollo'phanes. Apollo'phanes - A'quila , Ju'lius. A'quila , L. Po'ntius - Arcesila'us. Arcesila'us - A'rchias. Archias - Arei'lycus. Arei'thous - Argus. Argus - Aristae'netus. Aristae'netus - Aristeides. Ariste'nus Ale'xius - Aristo'crates. Aristo'crates - Aristo'machus. Aristome'des - Ari'stophon. Ari'stophon - A'rrius.

A'rrius - Ariobarzanes. Vonones - Artapanus. Artaphernes - A'rtemon. A'rtemon - Asclepi'ades. Asclepi'ades - Aso'pis. Aso'pius - Astyanassa. Asty'anax - Athenaeus. Athenaeus - Ati'lius. Ati'lius - A'ttalus. Atthis - Aufi'dius Namusa.

Aufi'dius Tucca - Aura. Aure'lia - Auto'lycus. Auto'lycus - Azo'rus. Current location in this text. Enter a Perseus citation to go to another section or work. Full search options are on the right side and top of the page. William Smith.

A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology. John Murray: printed by Spottiswoode and Co. In the article on Soranus, we find: "at this present time " and this date seems to reflect the dates of works cited.

Sort dates alphabetically , as they appear on the page , by frequency Click on a date to search for it in this document. Searching in English. Unicode Buckwalter transliteration.

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Bryn Mawr Classical Review

All Search Options [ view abbreviations ]. Hide browse bar Your current position in the text is marked in blue. Click anywhere in the line to jump to another position:. This text is part of: Greek and Roman Materials.


Antoninus Liberalis

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