We are living in a world of uncertainty and misconceptions. Man is beginning to question the very roots of his. Al- Tehreem Mirqaat Sharha Mishkaat, Vol 4, Page Buhjatul Asraar. But their are some mulhideen who do not believe this.

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While we also categorize by type — these are the apps that consistently linger at the top, are highly rated and are the most downloaded in the world! We have tried, tested and reviewed every single one.

All you have to do is shake your phone and instantly chat with new friends. These apps are ones that you should have in your mobile device NOW so what are you waiting for? There are tons of must have android apps to choose from so start downloading them today! Perhaps you are looking to meet new people or even just connect with old friends, we have a great selection of social media apps some famous - some less so that we know you will enjoy.

We have painstakingly went through app stores and personally selected, tested and reviewed only the best chat apps out there. Thinking of starting up a romantic relationship but consider yourself shy? Why not download Badoo, one of the most popular dating apps out there and start meeting new people. Looking for that perfect android chat app? Or discover cool app Shakechat! All you have to do is shake your phone and you can chat with new friends instantly!

Not looking to meet new people but just remain close with family and friends? We recommend Path! Your private instant messaging. Connecting with people has never been so easy! There are many different options to choose from. Here you will find tools all designed to help you better use your phone such as your hand Flashlight for android, the best battery saver app for android,or even a Free Wifi finder to help you stay connected online anywhere in the world!

Need some help organizing your financial life? Or what about finding the best weather app for android. Check out cool app LearnVest! The Swiss Army Knife app is full of cool tools such as flashlight, unit converter, stopwatch, timer, magnifying glass, ruler and all FREE to use or an android phone finder to track your mobile device if it gets lost or stolen. We have personally picked, tested and tried each of these apps and provided a personalized review.

Start organizing your life and your phone today! Here we have lovingly collected, tried and tested all of our favorite shopping apps that you can use to find that perfect sale!

Or why not organize your next shopping trip with Shopping List app! So much shopping, so little time! You will find so many e-shopping based free apps to choose and stay tuned for updated ones added to the list.

We love shopping! We wanted to find you guys only the very best, highly rated exercise apps available for FREE. We tried and tested each one and provided a personalized review. You can bet that sometime this was exhausting! You can track your runs and share them on your favorite social networks - same for cyclists with apps like Map My Ride! This app is full of the best android sports apps and free sports apps for android for sporting enthusiasts.

What about finding a new yoga move — daily? Also keep in mind that these cool apps are all free and highly ranked. Get moving today, you now have no excuses to be lazy when you have these cool apps. We have provided you with many different sports apps free to choose from. No, but really! While we all snap photos on our mobile devices - what are the best photo apps out there?

If you look online you will find almost too many choices out in the market and who knows if any of the apps are any good. This is why we have selected and tested many different options and here is our list of the best photo editing apps for editing and creating unique photos with an awesome photo collage app. Favorites such as Instagram and Adobe Photoshop made the list and lesser-known but just as fabulous apps Snapseed and Touch of Color , where you can insert color only where you want it!

These two apps alone have changed our photo editing life and we think they will change yours too. There are many cool photo apps here that you can choose from. We have searched and tested many apps to bring you this top list of the best travel apps. What are the best travel apps for android? We will discover them for you! This category allows you to check the best deals available out there on apps like Skyscanner or booking.

Apps like WorldMate help you plan every aspect of your trip. Need to exchange money? Download a currency converter app! Find out what restaurants and bars are in your area with Yelp. There are so many different travel apps to choose from. Bon Voyage and have fun! We have listed here some of the best music apps for music available for your mobile phone.

Everyone loves music and with all of the choices out there, it can be overwhelming. This is why we have personally chosen, tried and tested and reviewed what we have deemed the best music app for android currently available. Love lyrics? Check out musiXmatch lyrics player , the number one music lyrics app in the google app store along with the editors choice in over 44 countries!

Why not try Deezer app to bring music to another level? Find out what your friends are listening to with cool app - Soundtracker. Listening to free music has never been so easy! Find out what are the best apps for music! Best apps to personalize your smartphone, customize your android. Our customized picks will ensure that you will have no ordinary phone!

Download custom fonts with Font Maker or what about downloading Free App Icons to make each icon your own personal masterpiece! Why be like everyone else? With cool app Emoticans you can send any emotion via text, or messaging apps.

Your friends will be impressed and beg to know what you have downloaded in order to customize their smartphones! Why be happy with the default options that come with phone when you can add so much more! We suggest trying our picks for your android customization and android apps for personalizations! We only list our own personal tried and tested favorites and reviewed each one so that you have access to only the best customizable apps on the market!

Here you will discover the best free movie apps and tv movie apps available! Have a Netflix account? Get the official app to stream from your device! Check out free movie apps for android! Or what about WikiTap , search anything in the wide Wikipedia database and find all sorts of cool videos related to the topic. We ensure that you are never left without plenty of fun videos to watch at any hour of the day! These are just a few of the apps that we have listed for you all so stay tuned!

Apps can also be used for educational purposes which is why we created this awesome category of free educational apps. Have you ever wanted to learn another language but have never found the right learning app for you that also happens to be free?

Skip Angry Birds and put learning to the test with our list of apps designed to make your brain work and help teach kids via interactive interfaces. We have personally picked each app and tried it in order to give you a personalized and very real review of the app. Plus we may have learned a thing or two along the way. There are numerous free apps for math and science, reading, language learning, quizzes and much much more.

Why not embrace technology and make learning FUN! It has never been easier with these choices to learn something via a free app! These are not only highly-rated apps but also the apps with the most downloaded ones from around the world. We have tried and tested each one in order to make sure they are still as great as they claim to be!

Which top android games do we love? Of course you will find awesome favorites such as Candy Crush Saga, where you will surely find your sweet tooth or Angry Birds Free to launch your enemies into faraway lands! Like to draw? Why not compete with players around the world with Draw Something or create worlds on the go with classic favorite, Minecraft game app.

These top game apps are the best of the best so keep an eye out to lesser known but just as amazing ios games and android ones available free! We have plenty for you to choose from. Not every game app is meant to be a difficult game of chess! We tried many free casual game apps and here is our top list of only the best android casual games for you to choose from.

See what else we listed here and start playing!


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