Notice: we do not provide any warranties that information, datasheets, application notes, circuit diagrams, or software stored on this website are up-to-date or error free. An internal MHz multi-layer bus architecture associated with 37 DMA channels, a dual external bus interface and distributed memory including a 64KByte SRAM which can be configured as a tightly coupled memory TCM sustains the high bandwidth required by the processor and the high speed peripherals. This feature completely eliminates the need for any external level shifters. In addition it supports ball pitch package for low cost PCB manufacturing. The AT91SAM9G45 power management controller features efficient clock gating and a battery backup section minimizing power consumption in active and standby modes. The ISI allows the user to program the same component order as the sensor, reducing software treatments to restore the right format.

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The complete document is available on the Atmel website at www. Block Diagram Figure Table Power Considerations 5. Allows Handling of Dynamic Exception Vectors 6. Each Master has its own decoder, which can be defined specifically for each master. In order to simplify the addressing, all the masters have the same decodings All the Masters can normally access all the Slaves.

However, some paths do not make sense, such as allowing access from the Ethernet MAC to the internal peripherals. Memories Figure Embedded Memories 7. After reset and until the Remap Command is performed, the four SRAM blocks are contiguous and only accessible at address 0x Note: All the memory blocks can always be seen at their specified base addresses that are not concerned by these parameters.

Figure on page 29 Figure on page 21 peripherals. System Controller Block Diagram Figure MHz input, the only limitation being the lowest input frequency shall be higher or equal to 2 MHz.

Figure Peripheral ID. However, there is no clock control associated with these peripheral IDs. Each PIO Controller controls lines. Automatic wakeup on trigger and back to sleep mode after conversions of all Writing a stream of data into non-contiguous fields in system memory transfer programmed values at the end of a block transfer of block transfer in block chaining mode AT91SAM9G45 Support for Software handshaking interface.

Mechanical Characteristics Table , updated. Section 5. Change Request Ref. Atmel Corporation. All rights reserved. About Contact Requests Pricing Request parts. My request: 0 parts. Bonase Electronics HK Co. Part Number:. NOTE: This is a summary document. Request R. Page


AT91SAM9G45 Microcontrollers. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent



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