De ellas, 42 son aplicables por barranquistas de cualquier nivel, incluso aquellos que ocasionalmente practican este deporte o los que ya tienen ciertos conocimientos. Las Manual de descenso de barrancos. Search this site.

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Dry-fit or cotton shirt Long licra bottom Jeans or heavy duty fabric short long pants will be very heavy when wet Socks two pairs can be used to tighten the shoe New tennis no open shoes, this is to protect your feet inside the water Dry change of clothes for the end of the trip On trips with transportation, you'll need a sweater, windbreaker and a cap.

Groups can be made of 5 people minimum. In case of not being able to form a group, you'll have to make reservations with a full payment of the tour and wait to be assigned to one of the groups formed by other people. If you can't be assigned, you'll be refunded. You may ask for VIP groups with no minimum persons and guides will be assigned exclusively for you including all meals, transportation from airport , cabins and hotel nights. All year, beeing carefull on flash floods in the months of August and September.

It can be suspended any momento if the river level represent a risk for the visitor. The river level will be monitored the same day of the trip. Intermediate: this route is apt for people with little experience in hiking, the route involves walking in paths, between stones and can have down climbing.

Although this can be your first adventure trip is necessary that you have the ability to move mountain terrain. All our routes includes rappel course. GOOD phisycal condition is required and no one with overweight will be admitted. Gear included. Gear you should bring Not incluided. The vests have pouches for bars. The best running tennis You have, never bring Converse style shoes. Do not bring water or chemical blockers that are not environmentally friendly, do not bring valuables that you may lose in the river.

Service Information. What Other Visitors Experienced. Leave your car in the parking lot, the cost is pesos per vehicle. FAQ Calendar Guides. Contact us Payment Videos. Registered Trademark. Privacy Notice Terms of Sale.


Statistics and meaning of name Barranco



Self-rescue in ravines


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