Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above - Print the manual. If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. For the moment, just try and trace the signal path from the microphone input. Control Elements and Connectors EQ This chapter describes the various control elements of your mixing console.

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Page Count: Introduction 1. Control Elements and Connectors 2. Installation 3. U ser Manual. T able of C ont ents. Thank you Important Safet y Instructions Legal Disclaimer Limited warranty I ntroduc tion Cont rol Elem ents and Conne ctors Congratulat ions! T erminals marked with this symbol carry. Use only high-quality professional speaker cables with. This symbol, wher ever it appears,. Please r ead the manual. No user serviceable par ts inside.

Refer servicing to. The apparatus shall not be e xposed to dripping. Read these instructions. Keep these instructions.

Heed all warnings. Follo w all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near wat er. Clean only with dry cloth. Do not block any ventila tion openings. Install in. Do not install near any heat sourc es such as. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized. A polariz ed plug has t w o blades. A grounding-type plug. T he wide. Prot ect the power cor d from being walk ed on or. Use only with the. When a car t. Unplug this apparatus during lightning st orms or. Ser vicing is r equired when the appara tus has been.

T rident Chambers, Wickhams Ca y , P. Box ,. For the applicable w arranty terms and conditions. Limited Warr anty , please see complete details online at. Introduc tion. DA T recor der and a monitor s ystem. Alw a ys be c arefu l to. Increase the. In or der to help you. The illust rations at the be ginning of each chapter. For the mom ent, just tr y and trace the si gnal path fro m the microphone i nput.

If you loo k at the overvie w of the controls at the s ame. Y ou r mixing console w as caref ully packed in the f actor y to guarantee sa fe. Never theles s, w e recommen d that you caref ully examine the.

Be sure tha t there is enough space ar ound the unit fo r cooling purp oses and to. The conso le is connec t ed to the. The con sole meet s the require d safet y standard s. Firs t connec t the power sup ply unit to the. For your own. During installation and operation, th e user must hav e.

T o ar range for warr anty ser vice, please cont act. Cor responding cont act inf ormation is inclu ded in the. Infor mation. Should your coun try not b e listed, please cont act the di stributo r. A list of dist ributor s can be foun d in the suppor t area of our website.

Regis tering your purcha se and equipment w ith us helps us pro cess your repair. Thank you for yo ur cooperatio n! Control Eleme n ts and Connectors. This chapter d escribe s the various cont rol element s of your mixing conso le. Please also no t e the ins truc tions in c hapter 2. Unbalanced dev ices m ono jacks can also be co nnecte d to these input s.

Y o u can never use. Use the GAIN cont rol to adjust the in put gain. This contro l should always be. All mono inpu t channels include a 3-b and equalizer , e xcept for the UB,. All bands provide b oost or cu t of up to 1 5 dB. In the centr al position, the eq ualizer is inacti ve. In additi on, the mono channels UB1 0 0 2 and UB1 are equipp ed with a ste ep. FX se nds or AUX sends enable you to fee d signals via a variable cont rol from.

The bus app ears at the. Eac h FX send is mon o and. The P AN control d etermines the p osition of the c hannel signal within th e stereo. This contr ol features a con stant-power charac terist ic, which means the. If this happens, use t he GAIN control to. The s t ereo cha nnels are designed to han dle typic al line level signals. Both inp uts will also accept un balanced jack s. A stere o EQ is highly prefe rable to two mono e qualizers. The FX s ends of the ster eo channels fun ction similar to t hose of the mono.

The UB50 2 is not. If a chan nel is operated in mo no via the lef t line input, t his control has the. At - 1 0 dBV home- recording. Y ou c an instead use t hese connec tors as ad ditional input s, but any. This does, however, give you the abilit y to use the channel EQ o n. The pos t -fader F X signal you created usin g the input. Use t he. UB1 only. The UB50 2 is not equipp ed with contr ol room outp uts.

The mai n mix signal. CD player ,. They c an also be used a s a standard s tereo line. This provides an eas y way to monitor signals.


Behringer UB802/UB502 User Manual



Behringer UB802/UB502 user manual



Behringer Audio Mixer UB1202/UB1002 User Manual


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