Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Dvr1 series single channel, color digital video recorder 40 pages. Recorder series four channel digital video recorder 86 pages. Page 3: Table Of Contents 3.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Dvr1 series single channel, color digital video recorder 40 pages. Recorder series four channel digital video recorder 86 pages. Page 3: Table Of Contents 3. Page 5: Safety — an object has fallen into the unit; — unit has been dropped or the unit cabinet is damaged; — unit exhibits a distinct change in performance; Bosch Security Systems User Manual F01U 2.

Any change or modification of the equipment, not expressly approved by Bosch, could void the warrantee or, in the case of an authorization agreement, authority to operate the equipment. Environmental statement - Bosch has a strong commitment towards the environment. This unit has been designed to respect the environment as much as possible.

Page 8 SELV circuits. Video loss - Video loss is inherent to digital video recording; therefore, Bosch Security Systems can- not be held liable for any damage that results from missing video information. To minimize the risk of lost digital information, Bosch Security Systems recommends multiple, redundant recording sys- tems, and a procedure to back up all analog and digital information.

Page 9 More information For additional information, please contact the Bosch Security Systems location nearest you or visit our web site at www. Page Introduction Automatically adjust a bandwidth according to network speed status of unit.

Page Front Panel : Displays the search menu. Page 14 : Lights when a network cable is connected. Remote Sensor Point the remote control here. Activate if you use the Sub-function of the channel button. F01U 2. Page Back Panel Connect up to 8 alarm output relays via the supplied pin D-type connector board. Arrow Buttons b B v V : Selects or moves between the menu options. Page 17 DVRs. See section 3. Page Camera Connections Connect up to 16 alarm inputs or connect up to 8 alarm output relays via the supplied pin D-type connector board.

Connect audio line input. Connect to your network via the Ethernet port or use the RS connector to connect directly to a PC serial port for service purposes. Example: HDD or other external storage. Five Biphase outputs are provided for dome camera and pan, tilt and zoom control.

The screw terminal connection board supplied with the unit simplifies all Biphase connections to the unit. Turn on the unit. System booting will commence. When booting is complete, the login window will be displayed. Page Selecting The Main Monitor Type Press and hold the B button on the front panel until the beep sounds to display the main screen.

Page 28 Live Screen: Displays the current surveillance live screen. Displays the current date and time. Note: To display the screen you desire to watch in full screen mode, double click the desired channel. PTZ virtual remote control is displayed on monitor A.

Use each item to control the PTZ camera. Page 31 Input the preset number. Delete a memorized preset position. Start a preset tour. Sends the Aux OFF command. Display the setup menu of the PTZ camera. Move the camera to the preset position. Sends the Aux ON command. Table 3. Page 33 You cannot control the other functions when the PTZ virtual remote con- trol is displayed. The system log list window is displayed on the main monitor. Figure 3. Displays the main menu icons. Displays the submenu options.

Displays the help menu. Displays the selected submenu title. Displays the detail options for selected submenu. The button indicator turns green. Select the function button you want. All the operation explanations are based on using the remote control. Page Video Adjustment Brightness: Adjust the brightness value from 00 to for the selected channel. Page 40 You can see the test screen from the preview windows on the right side of the PTZ test option.

Page Continuous Recording 1, 3, 5, 7. Page Instant Recording 1, 3, 5, 7. Page 43 Pre-event times given are only a rough guide. Actual times are dependent upon resolution, quality, and frame rate settings, as well as the number of channels selected for pre-event recording. Page Motion Recording Pre-event times given are only a rough guide. Page Schedule Settings The recording schedule screen displays one day of the week showing the schedule of all channels over a hour period.

For each 1-hour cell block the recording method can be specified. The recording method for each block is shown in color for easy viewing. Page 46 Red Input event recording : Recording starts automatically when the input is activated within a designated time. Yellow Motion event recording : Recording starts automatically when motion is detected within a designated time. Page 48 Select a cell block. Select the schedule time and set the recording method for each channel. Page 50 You can copy the schedule data of the channel to the other channel s within the selected day of the week.

Select channel that you want to copy. Press COPY then the channel selection menu appears. Page Display Settings On: Displays the title of the camera. Off: Displays the live picture without the title of the camera. Off: Remove the current camera recording status. Page 53 Seq. Page Event Settings Preset: Select the preset number. When the input is activated, the camera moves to the selected preset position and the picture of the camera in that position appears on the monitor. Page 55 In situations where illumination is low and the outline of object is not clear enough to see, regardless of sensitivity, Motion Event might not activate.

You must check Motion Event before setting. Page 56 Alarm ackn. Manual: Use the ACK button on the remote control or button on the front panel to stop alarm.

Post-event time: The alarm is stopped after the programmed post-event time. Note: When you change the Remote client port or HTTP port number, all connections with the Control Center programs or web browser will be disconnected. Page 59 On: Sends an e-mail when a video signal from the camera has stopped because of a cable disconnection or malfunction of a camera. Off: Not used. Page 60 SMTP server. Specify the server host name or IP address in such a case. Page 63 Sync. Page 64 Off: Turns off the system beeper.

Note: The beeper is a low sound on this unit. If you want to make a loud sound, connect an external alarming device to the output connecter ext. Page 65 minimum length 4, maximum length 8.

Note: Remember the password. If you forget the password please contact an authorized service center or the dealer you purchased the system. Page 66 Select OK to begin the update process or click Cancel to stop and exit.


Bosch Divar MR Series DVR-16L-100A - standalone DVR - 16 channels Specs

Download Like. Full screen Standard. Page of 4 Go. It provides high-quality digital recording on up to 16 channels, with an internal storage capacity of up to 2 TB. The Divar MR boasts exceptional video quality and a high level of advanced functionality.


Bosch DVR-16L-100A Divar MR 16-Channel Digital Video Recorder



Bosch Divar MR DVR-16L-100A User Manual


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