Estimated wait for next available agent :. For Tech Support, call Chock full of extras! Please confirm that this adapter will work with the stereo you intend to use. Can't find your exact vehicle?

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Estimated wait for next available agent :. For Tech Support, call Chock full of extras! Please confirm that this adapter will work with the stereo you intend to use.

Can't find your exact vehicle? Find products that fit. Canon's ZR gives you a ton of valuable features that make shooting great video amazingly simple. First, there's the Mini DV format itself, which delivers stunningly sharp digital video, especially when paired with Canon's acclaimed optics. Then there's the 22X optical zoom, which brings faraway shots much closer, without degrading the image. The included wide-angle lens helps you get great panoramic shots. Image Stabilizer ensures that your footage looks smooth and steady.

Night mode slows down the camcorder's shutter speed to let you film full color in low light; or, you can use the ZR's Super Night LED to brighten the darkest shots. If you've got a widescreen TV, you'll like the ZR's widescreen mode, which shoots a true picture instead of stretching the image. You also get handy automatic settings, which make it easy to shoot videos you'll want to watch again and again. For more precise control, you can opt to manually adjust the focus, exposure, shutter speed, and white balance settings.

Canon ZR owner's manual. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with other customers. Please see our review guidelines for help and information. By submitting this review, you agree to our terms and review guidelines. Camcorder Features. Since video and photos have different color requirements, DIGIC DV utilizes two different color techniques to maximize video quality on a TV, and still image quality for print or computer display. When the LCD viewscreen is out, it can be rotated up to degrees, allowing you to choose the best angle.

You can also push the panel flat against the camcorder until it is flush with the side, with the screen facing outwards. For outdoor recording and playback, you can switch the brightness of the LCD screen between normal and bright for best visibility.

Color Viewfinder: The camcorder has a 0. The viewfinder turns on when the LCD monitor is in the closed position. A dioptric adjustment lever on the top of the viewfinder when extended allows you to adjust the focus to your eyesight. When recording in mode, the 35mm equivalent is During recording, the lens the 35mm equivalent is When shooting still images, the 35mm equivalent is It features a 28mm filter diameter.

The wide attachment screws into the lens filter thread, and should only be used at maximum wide angle. Digital Zoom: The digital zoom can be switched between 4x and 20x. Combined with the optical zoom, the total zoom is equivalent to 88x and x. Image Stabilizer: A high quality image stabilization system corrects camera shake instantly, giving you smooth, stable pictures.

It enables you to record shake-free images, even on long telephoto shots without a tripod. High Resolution Widescreen Mode: To match today's popular widescreen TVs, the ZR can record high-resolution video in widescreen aspect ratio.

Unlike camcorders which only record a vertically stretched picture, the ZR uses the full width of the CCD, filling the entire screen with crisp, high-quality images.

The LCD screen conveniently shows the images in letterbox style to let you see how they will look on the TV. Recording Mode: You can choose from the following recording modes: SP standard play or LP long play , which extends tape usage by 1.

You can't add sound audio dubbing or images AV insert to a tape that has been recorded in a mode other than SP mode. If you plan to use either of these functions later, record in SP mode. Audio Recording: The camcorder can record sound on a tape in two audio modes: bit and bit.

The bit mode produces the higher sound quality slightly superior to CD while the bit mode records on two channels stereo 1 , leaving 2 channels free stereo 2 for you to add new sound at a later date.

It takes just a single digital cable to transfer or copy your videos in pure digital form to your DV-compatible computer or another Canon DV camcorder. Self Timer: The self timer is useful when you want to include yourself in the picture when recording movies or still photographs. The camcorder starts to record after a second countdown period. When using the supplied remote control, the self-timer has a 2-second countdown. Backup: The internal backup battery allows the camcorder to remember the date and time and other settings when main power source is removed.

The supplied CR lithium button-type battery has a life of approximately 1 year. You can select one of two choices for the start-up sound, shutter sound, operation sound, and the self-timer sound. The start-up image can be turned on or off. AE Shift: You can adjust the AE auto exposure function to lighten or darken the image to compensate for backlit or overexposed scenes.

Shutter Speed: You can set the shutter speed manually to take stable shots of quickly moving subjects. Manual Focus: In some cases, the auto focus may not work well. In such cases, you can focus manually by turning the set dial up or down until the image is in focus. Infinity Focus: For focusing on faraway subjects such as mountains or fireworks, you can activate the Infinity Focus mode. White Balance: To accurately reproduce colors, you can use a preset white balance mode, such as Indoor or Outdoor, an automatic setting, or manually set the white balance.

Recording Programs: You can select from the following Recording Program options:. Night Mode allows you to record in dark places where lights cannot be used, without sacrificing color. SuperNight Mode lets you record in very dark places without sacrificing color. The assist lamp lights up automatically, responding to the surrounding brightness. Skin Detail: When shooting close-ups of people, the camcorder can automatically soften details to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections for a more complimentary appearance.

Faders: You can select one of the following faders:. Effects: You can select from the following effects:. Multi-image Screen: This feature divides your display image into 4, 9 or 16 smaller images with the Image Capture feature. With this feature, the camcorder captures the current scene being shot or replayed. Wind Screen: The camcorder has an automatic wind screen to prevent wind noise from interfering with the sound track.

Analog-Digital Converter: Connecting the camcorder to your VCR or 8 mm video camera allows conversion of recorded analog video and audio signals to digital signals in an instant. The digital signals can be output to the other equipment with a DV terminal.

You can also record videos or TV programs from a VCR or analog camcorder onto the tape in the camcorder. The software, available as a free download from Canon's website, also facilitates sharing of video clips, transfer of digital photos, and even control of the other party's camcorder with permission. Digital Still Camera Features. Still images can be recorded in one of two sizes: x or x ; and one of three image quality settings: Normal, Fine, or Superfine. Motion JPEG movies can be recorded in one of two sizes: x and x Simultaneous Recording: When you are recording a movie on tape, you can record the same picture as a still image on the memory card.

The image will be recorded at x , and you can choose between Normal and Fine image quality. Other Recording Sources: In addition to recording through the lens onto the memory card, you can record still images from other sources as well. You can record a still image from a recorded tape in the camcorder, or from a device connected via the AV terminal or DV terminal. The image will be recorded at x Focus Priority: The subject you wish to record is not always in the center of the screen.

In the Focus Priority mode, you can choose from one of three focusing points to automatically put the subject you wish into sharp focus. Recording Panoramic Images Stitch Assist : You can shoot a series of overlapping images up to 26 and merge them into one large panoramic scene using Photo Stitch on the supplied computer software. Viewing Still Images: There are 3 ways to view still images: Single image, Slide show one after the other automatically in order of recording , or Index screen six images at once.

Card Jump Function: You can jump from the current image to the desired image of an adjacent image number without displaying the images one by one. Using the software provided, you can organize, store and print still images.

Images can be deleted singly or all at once, or protected from deletion. Card Mix: You can create unique effects not possible with just a tape with the Card Mix function. Using images provided on the supplied Digital Video Solution Disk, you can mix recorded video with picture frames, backgrounds and animations.

Printing Still Images: You can print still images on the memory card in a number of ways:. Print Orders: You can pre-select the images to be printed, the number of copies of each image, and other print settings. A maximum of images can be selected for printing. Exif Print: The camcorder supports Exif 2. By connecting to an Exif Print-compliant printer, the camcorder's image data at the time of shooting is used and optimized, yielding extremely high quality prints.

Macintosh System Requirements:. Mac OS X Version Power Requirements. The battery can be charged while attached to the camera, or in the optional CB-2LT battery charger.

You can also operate the camcorder on standard household AC current with the supplied AC adapter.


Canon ZR300 Manuals

Our goal is to provide you with a quick access to the content of the user manual for Canon ZR Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you will find the solution to your problem with Canon ZR If looking through the Canon ZR user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions:. Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above - Print the manual.


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