A very fine classic French stone, rediscovered by the latest design trends, inspires a new ceramic synthesis that combines aesthetic appeal and performance. Marazzi reinterprets Moongrey stone with a versatile and very technical collection: 3 colours and multiple sizes, including the striking 90x cm. Allmarble has been expanded with a Wall extension featuring original connections between classical beauty and stylistic innovation. The latest creative experiments with clays inspire a collection with impressive technical properties, that investigates the bond between matter and colour. Let the Marazzi collections inspire you; photos of modern, design or classical solutions.

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Generally, an eBook can be downloaded in five minutes or less Browse by Genre Available eBooks Hassan Ibnu Ali. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Portfolio castellani claudia 1. Before and after graduation I gained experien-ce working in different offices, as designer, 3d modeler and graphic. Also the new spaces defined by the project, are desig-ned to allow the conduct of special events taking place there weekly market, palio, white night..

The occurrence of rows of trees along the streams, inspired the preservation of existing trees and the extension of planta-tions on Via XX Settembre. The characteristic agricultural divisions from the Roman Era, cross and intersect to create the ground pattern. The pedestrian area of the square, hosts three elements that play a functional role and at the same time characterize the spa-ce.

The lighting system made by 9 meters high design lamps, supports the shading system made of 6 rewindable Dacron she-ets. Masterplan Longitudinal section 5. The transversality enhances the perspecti-ve cone and creates a continuous space that goes beyond the obstacle of the car-riageway. The roadway is moved north to widen the sidewalk on the south side of the square.

The center of the square is divided into three main areas, taking advantage of the existing difference in height. This space is in direct communication with the municipal auditorium, so it becomes its outdoor extension. It can thus host mu-sical or theatrical performances. The lateral areas are lowered by 50 cm compared to to the road surface and are thought to carry out recreational activities open to citizenship, offering a more shelte-red environment from the noise and sight of traffic.

The project provides the removal of exi-sting turfy flowerbeds, expensive to main-tain. The green system will be realized with the inclusion of resistant trees. Masterplan Concept 6. The project hides the boring series of win-dows with a chessboard-like cover made of ceramic and glass. The cover acts as a ventilated facade and shading system, allows the insulation of walls and the pass of all technical pipes. The new facade encloses the entrance space, creating also a pleasant and quiet courtyard, framing a transition between the busy and trucks crowded internal ro-ads and the offices entry.

The project includes also the complete sur-gery of the building, a preliminary design of the reception area and of the internal courts and a study for the heating and electical systems upgrade with an estima-te of the costs. Section Groundfloor plan South elevation 8. The restyling project aims to give an ima-ge of Marazzi Group:in line with the new brand ID.

Using tarps linked to a punctually fixed steel structure, the main showroom buil-ding will be covered with white and light shards. This shards are not only a cover for the old building, but also a precious way to communicate the company because: they can be printed with ADVs and enlighted during the night trasforming the building in a urban lantern. Facade detail West elevation East elevation 9. Thousands of cubic meters all over the EXPO site will be: excavated, moved, ac-cumulated, stored, retrieved and redistri-buted.

These conditions make the earth a perfect raw material. In addition to the easy avai-lability, raw earth has many advantages, it is in fact easily shaped, excellent shield against summer solar radiation, known and used by people around the world.

Earth used as the outer skin of the buil-dings allow uniformity of design langua-ge, therefore high recognizability. External wall detail Montage and reuse diagrams The decorative elements are limited to the doors and windows frames, made of the local stone pietra di Modica and to the corten steel grates, as the only contempo-rary touch. The outer stone walls are whitewashed and the roof is traditionally made of wood beams and recovered pantiles.

The historic edifice includes the kitchen, the living room, a storege room, a double bedroom and a bathroom. An external staircase gives access to a terrace. The expansion, realized with dry construc-tion techniques but with the same finishes as the historic building, houses an additio-nal bedroom, a bathroom and a study. The upgrading of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems and other code-required work to make the property fun-ctional is limited and sensitive Groundfloor plan Roof plan Elevation B Elevation D Section Section Elevation A Elevation C It is a two-family house located in the old town in a densely built context.

Hence the need for a compact volume with a controlled height so as to comply with planning standards. The project reinterprets some of the featu-res found in nearby buildings. The offset of the two living units allows to create covered entrances.

The internal staircase is connecting all le-vels from the underground cellar to the terrace. The pitched roof is south facing so it is possible to install efficient solar panels. A front wall hides the roof behind and ma-kes the volume of the building clean and compact.

Overhanging balconies with exterior wood shading systems decorate the cor-ners of the house. The external wall are insulated with a 20 cm thick layer of wood fiber and finished with a layer of thermic-plaster. Due to the inability to realize a descent ramp, the par-king problem is fixed with automatic car lifts.

Ground floor plan Cross section Axonometric views First floor plan The site strictly communicates with the main square and the church, from wich is separated by a significant height differen-ce. The terraced layout takes advantage of this particular topography: the different buildings compenetrates generating a mi-xture of private and public spaces. The briefing comprehends different fun-ctions: a supermarket, medical facilities, a nursery and social housing with the re-spective parking areas.

The roof of the supermarket expands the square outside the church, while above the underground parking another square is craeted. C:Demichelis The project aims to generate a coherent expansion of the existing school campus in Berlingo, a small town near Brescia.

The dual nature of this intervention, from one side a place for learning school and from the other a space for events auditorium , led to a project layout focused mainly on public spaces and relations. The project area has been re-thought as a permeable space, a gate towards countryside. The two buildings enclose the collective space, creating a central square and a semi-priva-te school yard.

The vision of an open air school mixes with the vision of a commu-nity school. The design takes into account the different aspects of a sustainable plan-ning, also in an educational perspective. The buildings embrace bioclimatic princi-ples, solar technology, rain water reuse, in order to achieve the energetic autonomy.

Above the classrooms, a green roof provi-des thermic benefits and gives the chance to create a bothanic pathway on the roof top. The buildings use a dry contruction technique, that allows prefabrication, re-sources optimisation and guarantees a faster and cheaper realization.

Our team, lead by Arch. I drawn scale sections, elevations and external set up details. I gave my collaboration in workshops and brain stor-ming and in rendering, From this experience I learned working in an international team, dealing with a strict work shedule and facing problems quckly.

I deepened the knowledge of this program with the use of external references, blocks and design center, and some more print functions. Details 1.


Ceramiche Ragno - Certificate ISO 14001

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Ceramiche Ragno - Certificate ISO 14001



MADE Expo 2012



Marazzi Gruppo Ceramiche - Certificato CCC


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