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Cerber C The New Burglary Control Panel. The monitoring station, designed on the basis of high performance 8-bit microprocessors, allows monitoring, recording, and.

A monitoring station consists of one central unit and of 1 to 8 line boards. A line board realizes the interface with 2 standard. Application aiming at report realization relaying upon data of time and attendance, and supplementary data of working. Alongwithdesignresources involvedintoproductdevelopment, ROEL engineers keepthemselvesinformed withthelatestproduction technologies. The hardwaredesignand thesoftwaregenerationare jointtogether bythewishto providethemosteconomic andimpressivedesign.

ROEL electronicshasmainlydedicateditselfto the research,development, manufacturing, distributionandintegration of allsecuritysystemtypesofany complexity. ROEL makes original designs,canremakea designandevensuggest mostadvantageousways of production. The trainedteam ofworkers dailyproducesahigh volumeofhand-assembled products.

The FinalAssembly Departmentassures flexibilityandqualityupon competitivecostsmaking useofprofessionalresponsibilitydaily proven. Testingisbothhardand softperformed. Circuitrylevel functional testing allowsfaultdetection, whichmaynotbenoticed atavisual inspection. Qualityof productsand servicesistheresultofthe mutual effortoftheentire organization,who implementedthequality managementsystem accordingtoISO The higheststandardsin theindustrial safety, resourcerecyclingand utilizationareused, thus protectingtheenvironment andnatural resources.

ROEL electronicshasa ServiceDepartment,whose personnel iswidely experiencedandhighly qualified,providingthe technical support necessary toservicequalityand performanceimprovement.

Productsbenefitofwarranty, servicebeingassuredboth withintheguarantyperiod andafterit. ROEL isalsoengagedinthe technical support by arrangingafunctionalmost important-equippedshowroom,by organizingtraining seminars andbysupplying technical informationonthe internet orCD. All thesemake ROEL areliablepartner. The secanbeperformedlocally or remotely [ontelephoneline]. The secan be realized locallyorremotely [ontelephoneline].

A line board realizes the interface with 2 standard telephone lines. In case the PC is off, it is powered from an external 12V source, preferably with back-up protection i. Provided with parallel port for listing the messages received at a witness printer, of any type, equipped with a parallel communication interface of PC type.

Real time clock to record message date and time in its own memory; the clock is synchronized by means of the PC running software. According to the battery capacity max. Communication between the PC and monitoring station is carried out by a RS serial port The main unit is provided with a parallel communication port for printer connection, where all received events and events internally generated by the equipment may be printed. It has a 64 alpha-numeric character display, on 4 lines, with back lighting to be switched by the operator.

On the frontal panel of the equipment there are scrolling keys to navigate in the memory of the last 30 events, as well as LEDs signaling the status of the power supplying sources ON, Vdc, and the back-up battery and displaying the calls and communication on phone line connected to the monitoring station.

In order to provide high protection against false alarms from objectives unknown to the system, there is implemented a function to identify the calling number caller ID. The function may be used provided both beneficiary and monitoring station are connected to a phone land-line telephone exchange, a digital one, allowing the named service to work check service availability with the telephone service supplier.

Interface board with 2 telephone land-lines for Xguard DPC 08 monitoring station. LCD display allows direct tracing of events received from control panels. The remote control is of attachable key-chain type, with 2 or 3 command buttons.

Any of the remote control buttons or combinations of 2 buttons can be enrolled in order to operate the controller; the other buttons left are kept for a car alarm or a burglary alarm system for buildings.

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Cerber c612 Users Guide

The world economy is going through a period of unprecedented economic turmoil and upheaval. Business icons have come crashing down and governments have ramped up spending plans while central banks have ooded capital markets with huge amounts of liquidity. Naturally enough, many eyes are turned to venture capital and to private equity. Can private equity continue to outperform?


Cerber C612 Manual Instalare

No category. Function Select: [0] In order to choose one of the options, just press the corresponding key i. The menu command list is the following: [1]Inst.


Cerber C612 user guide

Cerber C The New Burglary Control Panel. The monitoring station, designed on the basis of high performance 8-bit microprocessors, allows monitoring, recording, and. A monitoring station consists of one central unit and of 1 to 8 line boards. A line board realizes the interface with 2 standard.


Cerber C612 User Manual - Alistar Security


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