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The Latest Building Regulations also called Development Control Regulation of DCR as defined and amended by CMDA periodically for Residential Building is framed based on infrastructure limitation, width of road, quality of street life, quality of life for inhabitants, safety, holding capacity, detail development plan, area development plan etc….

At a document level, CMDA does not have a booklet specifically for residential buildings. However, CMDA puts all the rules together. This may make life difficult for millions of individuals who want to look for only for their building type like residential, flats, office, commercial, institutional etc… We have tabled below only the relevant parts for your understanding.

We suggest that you look at the official CMDA site for updated and accurate information. So if you are planning to build an apartment complex, adhering to the rules mentioned below, you are more likely to get your building plan approved easily and quickly.

CMDA has introduced the Green Channel of approval for some particular types of development that would save you time! The extent of the site, plot coverage, FSI, set back etc.

Provided that the developer or promoter or owner shall not sell these dwellings for other than the said purposes and no conversion or amalgamation shall be. Provided that if the extent of the site is more than sq. The minimum width stated above shall be the existing width of the road and not the street alignment prescribed.

Note: i For EWS housing development, the minimum plot extent shall be 20 sq. Ms No. Note: i For public buildings such as theatres, kalyana mandapams, assembly halls, exhibition halls, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels , lodging houses, etc. The applicant shall deposit a sum at the rate of Rs. The deposit shall be refunded on completion of development as per the approved plan as certified by Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority; if not, it would be forfeited.

Provided that the developer or promoter or owner shall not sell these dwellings for other than the said purposes and no conversion or amalgamation shall be permissible in these cases of lower income group dwellings. Provided further that multi-storeyed building may be permitted with limitations on maximum FSI and maximum height of the building on a site abutting or gaining access from a public road of min.

Internal Vehicular Access way including passage if any within the site shall have a clear width of 7. Further, it shall be a clear width of open to sky and no projection in structure over it is permissible. The corridor serving as access for units in the development in whichever floor they may be situated shall not be less than the standards prescribed in Annexure XVII.

If the applicant fulfills the conditions a above, the deposit shall be refunded after production of the completion certificate. Any suggestions of alterations recommended by the panel and approved by the Government shall be incorporated in the plans. Can be provided when their length do not exceed 60 metres.

They shall be provided with a turn around area of 9 metres x 9 metres at the closed end. The Authority may allow premium FSI over and above the normally allowable FSI subject to a maximum of 1 one relating the same to the road width parameters as follows The Premium FSI shall be allowed in specific areas as may be notified, subject to Guidelines and on collection of charge at the rates as may be prescribed by the Authority with the approval of the Government.

The amount collected towards the award of Premium FSI shall be remitted into Government account to be allotted separately for this purpose for utilising it for infrastructure development in that area as may be decided by the Government. Every person who shall commit any breach or any of the foregoing regulations shall be punishable with fine which may extend, to Rs. All applications for development including multistoried building, pending prior to 2nd September shall be disposed of in accordance with the Development Control Rules for the Chennai Metropolitan Area under the first master plan for the Chennai Metropolitan Area.

Approved in G. This entrance shall be approached through a ramp together with stepped entry. The ramp should have a landing in front of the doorway. Its length shall not exceed 9m between landings and its width shall be minimum 1. A clear space of 10 m. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery.

Forgot your password? Get help. Follow us on Instagram spiritofchennai. Authors beulah evelyn. Bryan Vinith. Chennai Falcon. Florence Vimala. Ryan Daniel. Sushma T. Titus Mark. Travel Panda. In the case of others, it shall be from the property boundary. Other structures permissible in the minimum prescribed Front set back, Side set.

Parking spaces shall be provided within the site conforming to the regulations. Rainwater harvesting provisions as prescribed in the Annexure XIX shall be.


Setback for Buildings in Chennai

The Layout channel is in charge of processing PP applications for major sub-divisions and layouts for which powers were not delegated to local bodies. Those tedious delays are things of the past. The new streamlined procedure of the CMDA ensures that you get your permission early. The permission is valid for 3 years from the ate of issue. Two categories of applications have been prescribed. You can get an application form from the office of CMDA.


Rule change hits building projects across Chennai



CMDA Building Regulation for Residential Buildings


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