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The front cover of the Demonomicon , illustrated by John Stanko. Demonomicon presents the definitive treatise on demons and their masters, the demon lords. Within its many layers lurk powerful demon lords and fiendish hordes eager to be unleashed upon unsuspecting worlds.

It gives Dungeon Masters ready-to-use encounters and mechanics to make demons exciting elements in their home campaigns. Demonomicon , by Mike Mearls with Brian R. It was published in July Ending the Monster Splatbooks. Unlike its predecessors, it had no subtitle. It also changed the format of the series a bit by detailing the Abyss rather than spending time on encounters, adventures, and lairs.

About the Demonomicon. There, the book is described as "a treatise on the powerful evil creatures of the lower planes". Though the GM is told he can include whatever background material he wants, it's mainly a spellbook for clerics and magicians. Fortunately the book went back to its real name by the time Owen K. This article provided the best description ever of the infernal tome — one that was finally full of demon-appropriate spells as well.

These articles were closely connected with the work that Jacobs and others did for Fiendish Codex I , so they quickly became official lore. Schwalb and Ari Marmell followed in Jacobs' footsteps, describing the demon lords of the new World Axis cosmology, which in turn led to the Demonomicon book.

Expanding the Planes. The Abyss — which is located beneath the Elemental Chaos in the World Axis cosmology — received a 6-page summary in Manual of the Planes Then, The Plane Below: Secrets of the Elemental Chaos dedicated twenty pages to the general details on the Abyss — and also described a few individual locations.

Demonomicon also provides some general information as well as two complete delves , but spends most of its time detailing individual layers of the Abyss:. The Blood Rift and the City of Morglon-Daar also get some attention, while a few deeper layers get brief mentions. Monsters of Note: Many demons appear in Demonomicon ; they mostly follow the 4e model of demons being corrupted elementals. However, a few more varied beings have also made the jump to demonhood.

The inclusion of the ixitachitl — the manta-ray-like monsters that first appeared in Supplement II: Blackmoor — is predictable, because they'd long been associated with Demogorgon. The transformation of clockwork horrors is more surprising, as they'd originally appeared in the very different milieu of MC7: Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix The daemons or if you prefer the yugoloth have also turned into demons, with the derghodemon, guardian demon, hydrodemon, mezzodemon, piscodemon, and yagnodemon all appearing here.

However, in the World Axis cosmology, corrupted primordials now fill the obyrith's primal role. As a result, obyrith are reintroduced in Demonomicon as alien, invading entities from outside the universe — brought in when Tharizdun created the Abyss from a shard of primal evil.

There are twelve obyriths in all; Dagon, Obox-ob, and the Queen of Chaos are all confirmed as members. NPCs of Note. Here they're, of course, all demon lords — a group that had previously been scattered across the Monster Manuals and even the Manual of the Planes He originated his design with primal fears, and decided she would embody "the fear of the abandoned, desolate, lonely places". About the Creators. In alone, he worked on another seven books and games, most notably including much of the Essentials launch.

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Its name comes from its author; Iggwilv , the legendary witch who first appeared in the Greyhawk setting. The titular Grimoires are a set of six books written by Iggwilv containing her observations, understandings and strategems developed over centuries of studying the Abyss and the demons that dwell therein. These books abound in abyssal and demonic lore, outline practical methodology when it comes to demon summoning, detail various spells Iggwilv invented to augment her skills as a conjurer, and usually contain the Truenames of various demons. The specific contents of each grimoire vary, mostly in terms of what Truenames are present. Not helping the matter is that the Demonomicon has been copied by other wizards and abyssal witch-priests, creating diluted versions that have scattered across the cosmos. Later sources will claim that this is specifically the first volume of the six, having begun its life as Zagig 's "Tome of Zyx" before Iggwilv stole it and began appending it with her own studies. This first version contains truenames, rules for magical circles and diagrams, and a bevvy of new spells; the cleric spells of Abjure , Exaction and Henley's Digit of Disruption , and the wizard spells of Dismissal , Dolor , Ensnarement , Banishment , Torment and Binding.


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