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Quick Links. See also: Installation Manual. SP35 Printer Guide. Table of Contents. Page 2 Information to install Info Central if the icon is not on the desktop. Dealer For help with questions not addressed by other SP35 information, contact your dealer. Latch: Lift the latch to open the printer cover. Card Tray: Lift the cover to load blank cards. Card output tray: Remove completed cards. Ready button: Push to pause or unpause the Page 5 Ports are located on the left side of the printer.

Manual Advance Knob: Use to release a card in the printer or to turn rollers. Power Receptacle: Plug in the power supply to power on the printer. Cable Guides: Hold the data cable securely. Printer Label: Includes the serial number and model information located on the left side of the printer and not visible in this drawing.

Cleaning roller not visible in this drawing : Removes dust and debris from cards. Includes a USB port on the printer.

Page 8: Loading Cards Loading cards Lift the card tray door until it rests open. Remove cards from the original package. Tips: Handling cards Do not touch the surface of cards before printing them. Oils on hands will reduce printing quality. Handle cards by the edges or wear gloves. Cards can stick together: Slide or fan cards to separate the edges.

Page 9 The diagram shows the typical locations for the magnetic stripe and smart card chip. Close the card tray door. Push the door closed to align cards. See SP35 Info Central for information about cards to use in the printer. Magnetic stripe Smart card chip Page Page Loading Print Ribbon Run a cleaning card and replace the cleaning sleeve at the same time that you load a new print ribbon.

Load the new roll of print ribbon on the cartridge. Page 11 Make sure the ribbon cartridge handle rests in the supports on the right side of the printer. Close the printer cover. Press down firmly to latch it. Page The printer can be connected in these other ways: Through a direct network connection, where the printer is connected to a network using a print server and the PC is connected to the same network. Page 13 Tips for printer power Wait while the printer initializes. The printer Status Light displays steady green when the printer is ready to print cards.

Follow the guidelines for your location to power the printer on and off. Page Status Light Status light The front of the printer has a light that provides information about the current state of the printer. At startup, the status light displays steady amber for several seconds, the red-amber-green sequence, and blinking green for several seconds. When the printer is ready to print, the status light is steady green.

The printer has a problem that requires service or the printer had a power-on problem. Power the printer off and on before calling for service. The printer power is off. Choose Start from the Windows task bar. Choose Settings and then Printers and Faxes. The Printers and Faxes window opens. Page 17 The dialog box opens. View settings or change settings.

The icon shows the status of communication between the printer and driver. See SP35 Info Central for details about the icon.

Page 19 Properties or Printing Preferences dialog box. Buttons on the Printer Toolbox are grayed out when a card is ready to print or is printing, when there is a message, or when the printer is powered off. Fix the Make sure that all cards are printed so the Clean Printer button is enabled. Click the Clean Printer button. A prompt to insert the cleaning card appears. Open the cleaning card package and remove the cleaning card. Page 21 Remove the protective cover from the sleeve 2.

Insert the replaceable cleaning roller with a new cleaning sleeve into the printer 3. Replace the ribbon cartridge, close the printer cover, and resume printing. Discard the used cleaning card and used sleeve.

A roll of ribbon prints up to images. Monochrome print ribbon Several colors of monchrome single-color print ribbon are available for the SP35 printer. A roll of ribbon prints up to images if ribbon-saver is not used. Page Cleaning Supplies A package of 5 replaceable cleaning sleeves is available. The part number is A package of 10 cleaning cards is available.

Make sure options, such as a mylar signature panel or a magnetic stripe, are high quality. Page 25 Use the correct cables and connect them correctly. Page Troubleshooting Follow the information in help to fix the problem.

The next card will print correctly. The printer cover will not close. Page Site Requirements 5 cm on the left side, and Do not use the printer in a dirty environment. Do not use the printer in a closed compartment. Do not block air flow around the printer. Please do not attempt to operate or repair this equipment without adequate training.

See SP35 Info Central for the statement of liability. May Print page 1 Print document 30 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up!

Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


DataCard SP35 Plus Manuals

Manual zz. The new SP Plus Series printers have taken the best from the current and highly successful SP Series printers and added the features and functionality to once again drive them to the top of the leader board in the card printer market. The SP Plus Series printers deliver the excitement, features and the functionality so vital in making you and our customers successful. From print speeds that rival much larger more expensive solutions, to unique printing options and functionality that make printing cards much easier and efficient, the SP Plus Series printers coupled with our industry leading software and capture solutions make it the leader in the card issuance marketplace. The following is just one of the many new and exciting printers that make up the new SP Plus Series.


DataCard SP35 Printer Manual

Convenient card printing. The SP35 Plus card printer is. SP35 Plus card printer delivers everything you need to print vivid,. With its productive print speed, superb image quality and easy. The SP35 Plus card printer personalizes up to


Datacard Group Datacard SP35 user manual


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