Created especially for home-based business owners, this program makes it easy for you to start flourishing online right now! Both of our companies have produced millions of dollars in business, sometimes in large amounts, sometimes in smaller amounts, all using the written word. Copywriting has generated profits: for our affiliates, for our partners, for our clients, and for ourselves! Here are those 3 barriers:.

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Your written word must be persuasive and disruptive if you want your emails, memos, letters, proposals, web copy, and presentations to win the deal. Our show guest, David Garfinkel who helps individuals and groups make their advertising more effective.

Way back in , he created and published the first widely used set of Copywriting Templates. His main client work is coaching professional copywriters, business owners, and in-house copywriters for organizations. I thought I knew what disruption was until our conversation. Mark understands it inside-out.

And every copywriter and business owner planning to do business in and beyond ought to hear his worldview on this. On this show, Mark forced me to reveal, step-by-step, my exact method for creating a USP for a business. Well, my go-to method, anyway. Download on his show notes page. A pretty cool idea… it has worked out well. Learn about the iCoffee machine David mentioned. Discover the insights, tools, and workshopping you need to be a confident, enthusiastic, efficient, and effective executive leader.

Mark: David Garfinkel I met for the very first time over 20 years ago. I tell you, David has taught me how to sell with the spoken word.

Welcome David. Mark: Thank you. That my friends is extremely disruptive. How did you start that? How did you get into that business? David: I got into copywriting because, frankly, honestly, out of desperation. I do PR or whatever, I had minimal sales skills. When I learned about copywriting, my hair got on fire, I was very excited about it. In fact it was very frustrating. I just worked through it, worked around it, figured out my own stuff and got good at it, then got really good at it.

In fact, you are now a copywriting mentor to some of the very best copywriters on the planet. One is the copywriting coaching market where I coach people one on one. The other is the copywriting education market where I teach through seminars, through webinars, through my products, through my books and home study courses, things like that. At that time, there were copywriters for sure like Gary Halbert and others, Joe Sugarman who would have people come to their house and sort of either teach them, or Gary would make them an apprentice, but that was different.

David: Extremely expensive, yeah. With Gary it took a toll too. I want to talk about copywriting for a second, because I know a lot of your listeners are C-level executives.

Generally speaking, in many parts of the business world, copywriting is not seen as a C-level skill. Really, they think that. Copywriting which you so beautifully put, is selling with the written word, is not seen as an executive skill, yet selling is premiere, second, third most important executive skill.

The copywriting that, in my world, is nothing more, nothing less than making a successful sales presentation with the written word. David: The written word. Most executives write, so I say it would do them well. David: It is. As far as the copywriting education market, that was there before I came around, and I disrupted that market in by developing and marketing copywriting templates which put somewhat of a system and structure to writing of persuasive copy.

Thank you for that. You know I was talking to one of the best copywriters I know. The writing comes second. Share with us a couple of your copywriting strategies that we can convert that sales power to disrupt sales with a written word.

David: The first one ques closely to what you were talking about a few minutes ago. That is to enter the conversation already going on in the prospects mind. That was a concept originally developed by somebody else, but what I have done is, again, broken it down into systems and steps. The truth is always simple, getting there is never simple.

What you need to do is imagine one person, maybe a person you know who represents your whole market. Some people like to use the word avatar. What would you say to them? I would answer those questions. Mark: Even then, one of the best ways to write a sales script is just record a conversation that you have, then take one that worked. David: That is another technique, again, from my field, not necessarily mine, but my girlfriend Deb yesterday was telling me that she was having a conversation with a guy who was blocked on Chapter 7 of a product that people had already paid for.

Being a coach you happily let that happen. Mark: Right, what do you do to disrupt your competition these days? Let me set this up just a little bit before you give that answer. Mark: You have been highly resistant to social media.

David: I actually made is part of my positioning. I said that I was a social media deny er. Mark: I love it, and you did, you changed your mind. The number of people that have connected with you online is stunning. You probably have the most rapid growing profile of anybody that I know.

What are you doing to disrupt your competition? There are three strategies I have. The first one is I outwork my competition. David: I work harder than any other coach in direct marketing. A lot of that is preparation. A lot of that is showing up and being present, not phoning it in, pardon the pun, because a lot of my work I do on the phone. Actually being very present and listening for voice tonalities, listening for contradictions, which is not to bust somebody like Gibbs in the interrogation room in NCIS, but to realize a person is doing that for a reason.

The second thing I do, is I out-innovate them. The copywriting templates was an innovation, now there are lots of copywriting templates. I did that on Tuesday. This client had a problem I had never seen before.

My leadership if not like the kind of leadership a typical C-level executive has. They literally are post-graduate. I was in a year-long PhD level executive coaching program and I got a certificate in evidence based coaching from Fielding Graduate University.

I have to help people become comfortable being consistently uncomfortable to grow. David: Thank you, thank you. Some of my competitors have really great technical skills, but honestly, pretty painful in their personal skills. One of the things that I do David, for every show, is generate a show based on the conversation.

Mark: What advice do you offer an executive who is facing strong competition and needs to disrupt their market using the copywriting skills, techniques and tactics that you have? David: The answer to that is everything from very simple and straightforward to complex and articulated.

For right now, let me give you a simple thing, which has worked with, last time I checked, a 66 billion dollar company pretty well. David: Step number one is find out, and not in focus groups, not in surveys, not in Ask campaigns, but in conversations like you and me are having right now. Find out in relaxed one on one conversations with prospects and customers, one at a time, the answer to this questions.

You might have to ask it a few times before the dam breaks. You want the dam to break, you want some emotion in your answer. What is it that companies in our industries do that really pisses you off? Then shut up and listen and record responses word for word and take notes.

You look for the common elements until you find one or more common answer. Find the common answer that you can do the opposite of that people will appreciate. Let me give you an example. No, windshield wipers not included. I think they went from being a premiere luxury brand to a high-end consumer brand over the course of the last 10 years. I think that had something, or a lot to do with it. Mark: No doubt about it, so in the world of selling disruption, crossing that barrier is part of the disruption in the marketplace.

Crossing the threshold creates disruption. Now, I want to point out one thing that I think is really critical.


How to Sell Way More with Your Written Words

Fast Effective Copy has everything you've been waiting for Not this week, not this month, not this year Simplified, tested and proven learning methods and copy tools successfully used by thousands of people around the world! If you just need a quick headline, you can hop on the site, pick a headline, adapt it to your offer, and know what to do next -- all in a matter of minutes.


Where Can I find David Garfinkel's Copywriting Templates?

The point is that I got him and his partner Brian McLeod on the phone to tell you all about what he teaches in there. Danny: Hi David, Hi Brian. Danny: I think so too, thank you very much. They are the creators of Fast, Effective Copy which is a program that teaches you how to write fast and painlessly to produce amazing copy. David: Sure, David here.


David garfinkel copywriting templates Freelancers or Jobs

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He quickly went broke. But because he kept taking chances while following through on every opportunity, he eventually ended up on top. Now lets get going. Headlines that grab and hold attention. Negative Optimism No one else even understands this powerful technique Subheads that pull your readers into your letter.

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