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Investment casting is a metal forming process that normally uses a wax pattern surrounded by a ceramic shell to form a ceramic mold. Precision machining uses CNC machines and other tools and machines to cut, drill or shape metal parts. We offer comprehensive one-stop solutions that cover the precision component manufacture value chain throughout the entire product life cycle. Electroplating is a process used to change the surface properties of a metal part by adding a metal coating onto its surface through the action of electric current.

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Process: Zinc-nickel alkaline Application: Barrel and rack application. It meets the specifications of the automotive industry. Components with zinc-nickel coatings can therefore be used in engine compartments, axle fasteners and brake area in the automotive construction industry. The sealants developed by us are tailored to our passivation systems, sustainably improve the corrosion protection and increase the mechanical resistance of the surface.

For connecting elements, the friction coefficient can be adjusted according to the international standards of the automotive industry. Our sealants and top coats are adaptively matched to the passivations and sustainably increase the corrosion protection and the surface hardness. Friction coefficients can be adjusted individually according to the requirements by the use of various friction agents.

The characteristically high hardness of the ZnNi alloy layer is advantages for abrasive and impact loads. Premium Black. Zinc-nickel coatings with high-quality corrosion protection Process: Zinc-nickel alkaline Application: Barrel and rack application With PREMIUM BLACK we offer you a zinc-nickel surface system for mass-produced and rack goods which can be used wherever extremely high corrosion resistance with high temperature loads is needed, for example.

Corrosion protection. Suitable standards ATE N BMW GS DBL DIN Fiat 9. Show more.


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The electrolytic plating process zinc-nickel stands out with very good corrosion protection and a high thermal resistance. Zinc-nickel platings were developed as a result of increasing requirements with regard to corrosion protection, in particular from the automotive industry, against exposure to temperature, road salt and climatic conditions. Zinc-nickel platings are normally used if the traditional zinc-plating process is insufficient, due to high temperatures or aggressive environmental conditions. This type of surface finish is usually used on steel, ferrous cast components and powdered metals. To the customer benefits. From anti-corrosion surfaces to innovative processes in minimised variations - learn more about our wide range of products. Zinc-nickel flexible fleXXcor Zinc-iron black blackcor.


Zinc-Nickel (Zn-Ni)

For this reason the Cr VI -free product versions contained in the following table, which shall comply with these statutory requirements, are marked specially with the supplement Cr VI -free. As of it is necessary for these types of systems to be delivered chromium VI -free in accordance with Continued on pages 2 to 16 Issued by: DaimlerChrysler AG Technical responsibility Name : Dr. All rights reserved. Distribution as well as distribution of pages without permission of DaimlerChrysler AG is not permitted.





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