This incredible boxed set concentrates on the shattered labyrinth that was once California. Inside you'll find a double-sided, full-color, poster-sized map of the City of Lost Angels and the region around it, a page sourcebook detailing the mysteries of the Maze, a full-length adventure, and the much sought-after rules for martial artists! Written by Robin D. These PDF files are digitally watermarked to signify that you are the owner. A small message is added to the bottom of each page of the PDF containing your name and the order number of your purchase. Warning : If any files bearing your information are found being distributed illegally, then your account will be suspended and legal action may be taken against you.

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The below map only show a portion of the Great Maze west of Lost Angels. The portion is the most traveled and explored of the Maze. The Great Maze is a series of water filled canyons and channels from the Pacific Ocean in California.

Back in a great and terrible earthquake occurred rending the California coast in to thousands of islands, mesas, and islands. While the death toll was astronomical it the wake of the Great Quake a new mineral ghost rock was discovered in abundance in the now exposed rock faces. Stretching from as far south as the Mexico border town of Mexicali and almost reaches as far as the Oregon border the Great Maze runs over miles. The Maze reaach as far inland as 80 miles and as shallow as 10 miles but on average about 50 miles.

This is over 24, square miles of broken meas islands, water filled canyons and channels, and other geological wonders not see anywhere in the world. From a certain vantage points the Maze is a spectacularly beautiful sight to witness. Thousands of flat-topped mesa island separated deep, and often narrow, canyons make up the maze. Atop many of these mesas are hundreds of settlements from town mining towns large enough for hundreds of residents to single mining claims with but a solitary tent perched a top little more than a postage stamp worth of dry land.

Everywhere one travels in the Maze they find miners and prospectors each looking for the mother lode of gold, silver and most importantly ghost rock. Most miners work the maze by rigging scaffolding to side of the sea canyon cliffs and mesas chipping out the fundaments that gold, silver, and ghost rock you and me with small hammers moving across the sheer cliff face a little at a time before riasing or lowering the scaffolding to the next level to start the process all over again.

Quarrytown is an such an extreme example that the folks there turn the mined out passages into a town to itself. Some prospectors looking to turn a quick profit often dynamite the smaller stone towers and pick the fundaments out the rubble.

The process often collects less than half the available fundaments that would have been possible via slower methods, but practitioners argue there is no faster method to bring in a large haul. Other dangers in the Great Maze are pirates, raiders, and bandits that stalk the water channels for easy prey.

They use small highly maneuverable steam powered ironclad boats called maze runners. Some are armed with small cannons and mechanical harpoons to pacify and reel in their quarry. On top of that, the weather in California has become less predictable that when the land was whole. Storms sometimes gather with little or no warning.

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Deadlands Classic: The Great Maze – PDF

May 10, Howdy stranger, first time in Sacremento? Oh, some gremlins caused some mischief and the train bringing you in broke down…. Welcome the Weird West my friend, get back to me when a Wendigo is eating your neighbor. Another of my favorite settings from the last century has returned, Deadlands 20th Anniversary Edition has landed.


Game:Deadlands:The Great Maze

In , a massive earthquake dropped California into the sea, leaving behind a shattered landscape of water-filled channels and canyons. Soon after, the stunned survivors discovered a fortune in gold and the mysterious superfuel known as ghost rock in the fractured cliffs. It's a free-for-all over ultimate control of the remnants of California, and the stakes are the highest, for whoever controls the Maze might just control the future of the Weird West. The Great Maze boxed set contains everything you need to know about this blasted land, its occupants, and its deadly secrets. Visit the twisted back alleys of Shan Fan, where rival triads struggle for control. Travel the channels of the Maze itself, where miners toil away, hoping for that big strike. Walk the wide streets and avenues of the City of Lost Angels, where something sinister lurks beneath the city's ordered surface.


The Great Maze




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