The anthology Sessanta racconti Sixty Stories winning him the prestigious Strega prize in With certain peculiarity or extravagance, Buzzati never accepted to be considered a writer. The trial of the posterity and the one of its contemporaries, has contradicted very deeply this point of view or way to think. Dino Buzzati Traverso 16 October - 28 January was an Italian novelist, short story writer, painter and poet, as well as a journalist for Corriere della Sera. Shipping Login Registration Cart 0.

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Homepage All texts ever published in the magazine are featured on the homepage, starting from the latest. The available translations are listed in the title section. Click on the title for full view or read the translation alongside the original, as a special scrolling feature keeps them aligned. Texts can be exported in PDF format by clicking Export at the bottom of the page. Dossiers A Dossier is a special focus on specific topics, areas, writers, and more.

It is made up of multiple texts, each translated into various languages. Updates Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date as we progress, or rely on our Newsletter for a monthly recap. Toolbox — Bookmark: click Add Bookmark, then select the paragraph you want to bookmark. European history is made of constant flows of people, crossings, fragmentations, the digging of trenches as well as of tunnels.

In my throat, where else. Have you tried gargling, comes the well-meaning advice. Tried that, tried everything. Never less than three days. De tudo ficou um pouco. Do meu medo. Do teu asco. Dos gritos gagos. Da rosa ficou um pouco. Let me die for my people. La loi de ma vie que personne ne devine. An editor gave me a friendly advice to change this title because nobody would want a novel with such a name.

He has never made a table before. But others have. Quieres construir un puente y cruzarlo, aunque la cultura y la historia no te lo permitan. Wenn es kommt kommt es wegen der Angst wegen der Angst vor dem Denken die mir Angst macht. Qualquer coisa. Cronache, Non so quale nuovo rigore mi abbia portato a voi, case dal terreno nero —Amelia Rosselli Di nuovo voi case dal terreno nero. Voi muri neri eretti sui confini.

Zolle nere. Tende nere. Non conosciamo questa abitudine di partire in massa. Coraggioso vuol dare la vita per Arlecchino; piuttosto che cedere le monete che ha in bocca si lascia impiccare e spenzola vivo per tre ore, ma non apre la bocca. Io guardo spesso il cielo.

El barbero a domicilio ya espera en el guardarropa. I was still a young woman, and almost dying. After my return from Rio I became very ill, I was starving to death for a reason no doctor could find out. Due lingue simili e senza confini precisi tra di loro.

La gente alrededor, apenas puede, mira su reflejo. Falam alto, como se ainda estivessem no meio do vento. Les livres ne restent jamais longtemps en rayon, tant ils sont attendus avec impatience. I was puzzled by the way she spoke English, even though I could not understand half of what she said. Era un dono della Romania ai cristiani arabi di Antiochia. Un golpe en la frente para significar el olvido y un brusco recordar; un discurso falso acerca de ciertas pastillas.

And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech. And it happened that as they moved eastward, they found a plain in Shinar and settled there. And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick and burn them thoroughly.

He is both the house and the person of that house. But actually, under the shell is a little room where the true turtle, wearing long underwear, sits at a little table. Mais je ne trouve pas les mots.

Waren oder sind? Vergessen sein oder vergessend? Es war zu Beginn des Jahres 2 La femme de R. Albert a maintenant la porte dans le dos. Kao bombone. Specimen The Babel Review of Translations. About us Contacts Newsletter Partners. Writers Languages Topics Dossiers. Share Facebook Twitter Link. Yet, nativism an. Dormo poco e male from Ora pro bonobis. Auden Also in: Italian.

Kubla Khan: Or, a vision in a dream. Stone me with stones as you stone Jesus, I will love yo. Cari amici che mi ascoltate, figli e figlie del falegname, oggi desidero parlarvi di una musica: una musica di pifferi e colpi di grancassa, come sta scritto nel capitolo nove delle Avventure di Pinocchio, il Vangelo di noi calabresi, il popolo di.

I was indeed a. What Can Literature Still Do? The book, thanks to which I have the honor of speaking in front of you, is called The Physics of Sorrow. Have you seen a melancholy Me.

When it comes to making a table, Robinson Crusoe is a novice, a beginner. He is fortunate in the sense that he has a model in mind: this, along with the many items he salvages from the ship the tools,. Quieres di. Much grief await us, friends. O que primeiro lhe passar pela cabe. March 1, Yesterday I had an appointment with Abdul. I left home a. Desta terra, nesta terra, para esta terra.

Aber genausowenig ein Problem war es eben auch, bei meinem Nachbarn zu klingeln un. A cierta altura de sus vidas, cuando los toca la fama, los escritores, por lo general ya algo cansados, tienden a relajarse y a. Il diario Arrivo a Roma con la mia famiglia, qualche giorno prima di ferragosto.

Il meno pensato dei capolavori. Una volta ero piccola, ero. Le signorine venivano a lezione in attesa di u. Horses Among us, epic tales were like wedges to keep the workbench of daily life from wobbling, benches with cheap tools on top, all of us dragging ours behind us the way we did our long, grueling winters. When I was a girl, the. Es hora de atender a los quehaceres.

Later on I. Look, Stranger Written in English by W. Auden Also in: Arabic. O nome fundo na terra os corpos dentro da vida. As guardas resgatam os poros esquecidos. Bravi Also in: Spanish, Arabic. Non so darmi una ragione della mia partenza non sapevo nemmeno quanto tempo sarei rimasto fuori dal mio paese — ancora ho l.

What happened before is beyond the p. Discorso di accettazione Written in Italian by Elisa Tramontin. Umberto Fiori Visiones Vitrinas, coches: es todo tan liso, tan brillante. Homage to Georgia Introduction.

Prologo Quando sei solo le cose ti succedono tutte intere. Tom e Guto largam as botas molhadas no quartinho de baixo. From La chute du ciel.


Specimen The Babel Review of Translations

Title, Le notti difficili. Author, Dino Buzzati. Edition, 6. I prefer his longer works but Buzzati writes a mean short story as well: 'One morning around. I wanted to first highlight some of his other work, so here are a few paintings and scans of some of his books in English. I liked this short story because I am interested in myths about animals that live in the sea. Ha un modo brillante di raccontare le storie, i personaggi, di costruire i dialoghi.


Sixty Stories

Sessanta racconti "sixty stories" is a short story collection by the Italian writer Dino Buzzati. The first 36 stories had been published previously, while the rest were new. Subjects covered include the horror and surreality of life in a modern city, the existential aspects of advanced technology, metaphysical ideas as well as fantasy realms. The book received the Strega Prize. Sessanta racconti was published by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore in

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