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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. To subscribe to programming, or for assistance with. Related Manuals for Dish Network D Summary of Contents for Dish Network D Refer to the safety instructions in this guide. In this guide, the following notes tell you when you need to pay special attention: 1. These receivers have the Circle A marking. Write the angles in the spaces provided below. Do not attach the LNBF assembly at this time. Page 8 Set elevation. Set the elevation by loosening the elevation bolts and the elevation rod nuts.

Tilt the elevation and skew bracket to align the edge of the azimuth plate with the required angle on the elevation scale. Tighten both nuts on the elevation rod to hold the elevation, but do not tighten the elevation bolts at this time see Figure 6.

Page 10 Rough peak the satellite reflector for signal on the EA Rough peak the satellite reflector for signal on the Eastern Arc Do not adjust the skew. Page 11 Fine-tune the azimuth angle. With the peaking meter still connected, fine-tune the azimuth angle see Figure 9. Ensure the three azimuth bolts are finger-tight. After obtaining maximum signal, tighten the three azimuth bolts labeled with a T3 to the recommended torque value given in Table 1.

Page 12 DPP Figure Eastern Arc DPP Western Arc DPP Page Installation Summary Optional. Use this step only if there are more than three receivers. Connect switch and receiver. If you use a wrench, you may over-tighten the connections and damage your equipment. Page 15 Verify signal strength bar is green and locked. Exit the screen and Installation Summary display the screen. Make sure the signal strength bar is green and locked for the Point Dish satellites. For Western Arc, go to page Find the ZIP code for your location.

Page 30 Notes We acknowledge all product names, trade names, or corporate names we mention in this Installation Guide This manual is also suitable for: D Print page 1 Print document 31 pages.

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1000.2 vs 1000.4 Satellite Dishes

A However, both of these dishes can be configured for the Western Arc and the Eastern Arc satellites. Note that a All the HD and Locals are on Us do it yourself duffers need a table like the point and aim charts depending on your location. See 77W programming.


Dish 1000.4 Installation Help / Fine Tuning



Dish Network D1000.4 EA Installation Instructions Manual


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