Alexander of Villedieu [1] was a French author , teacher and poet , who wrote text books on Latin grammar and arithmetic , everything in verse. His greatest fame stems from his versified Latin grammar book, the Doctrinale Puerorum. He died in , or perhaps in He was a Franciscan and a Master of the University of Paris. His Doctrinale puerorum , a versified grammar , soon became a classic.

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Use checkboxes to select any of the filters that apply to this item. Collection Home. New: Manuscripts recently digitized. Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts. Manuscripts on Microfilm. Contact Us. Reprographic services. NEH Grant Information. Powered by the DLA. Lawrence J. Schoenberg Collection :. Bookplate, Inside front cover. Information about this record Title: [Commentary on the Doctrinale puerorum] [manuscript]. Anonymous commentary on a 12th-century didactic poem composed by the French Franciscan Alexander de Villa Dei addressing parts of speech, syntax, and rhetorical figures.

Layout: Written in 2 columns of lines; frame-ruled in ink; prickings visible in most margins. Decoration: 4-line initial in red with extensions and flourishing in red and black f. Spaces for initials to be added left blank in last gathering f. This site has been made possible through a grant from the National Endowment to the Humanities. Front cover Inside front cover [Flyleaf 1 recto] [Flyleaf 1 verso] 1r 1v 2r 2v 3r 3v 4r 4v 5r 5v 6r 6v 7r 7v 8r 8v 9r 9v 10r 10v 11r 11v 12r 12v 13r 13v 14r 14v 15r 15v 16r 16v 17r 17v 18r 18v 19r 19v 20r 20v 21r 21v 22r 22v 23r 23v 24r 24v 25r 25v 26r 26v 27r 27v 28r 28v 29r 29v 30r 30v 31r 31v 32r 32v 33r 33v 34r 34v 35r 35v 36r 36v 37r 37v 38r 38v 39r 39v 40r 40v 41r 41v 42r 42v 43r 43v 44r 44v 45r 45v 46r 46v 47r 47v 48r 48v 49r 49v 50r 50v 51r 51v 52r 52v 53r 53v 54r 54v 55r 55v 56r 56v 57r 57v 58r 58v 59r 59v 60r 60v [Flyleaf 1 recto] [Flyleaf 1 verso] Inside back cover Back cover Spine.

Jump to Information about this record Title:. Title supplied by cataloger. Script: Written in Gothic cursive script. Binding: 19th-century Germanic cloth-backed paper and boards. Origin: Written in France in the late 13th century.


[Doctrinale puerorum].



Alexander of Villedieu



Penn in Hand: Selected Manuscripts


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