Visitors Right Now. A rigid foam insulation that effectively reduces condensation for exceptional moisture protection. Because of the improved fire performance it is best suited for hourly rated assemblies. It has nominal 1.

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All prices are in USD. The glass-fiber reinforcement contributes to improved fire performance and dimensional stability.

Thermax Foil Sheathing gives you a semi-finished surface with the added benefits of a closed cell insulating board. Once Panels are fastened, use matching Thermax Foil Tape to cover seams to give a finished look and reduce air infiltration.

Want to get adhesive foam and tape in one package. Take a look at our Thermax Installation Kit. White Finish: 1"x4'x8' , 1. Prices quoted are for delivery from factory.

Minimum quantities and delivery charges may apply. Please contact us for delivery costs. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Product was received with damage to 4 sheets. Warehouse employee was extremely helpful and knowledgeable regarding the Thermax board. Great customer service regarding the sale, however product was damaged.

The product was exactly as advertised, though somewhat difficult to cut. However, the employees at the warehouse were incredibly helpful, answered all my questions, and helped strap the product to my car. They also declined any gratuity for their assistance. Everything you need to complete your project from start to finish!

What you need, When you need it, at prices you can't afford to pass up! A common question we receive is what is the difference between Blue Board … read more. Question: My house is square feet, how much spray foam insulation do I … read more.

What makes a Safety Can, Safe? Site Information. Please wait Compare Wish Lists. View Cart:. Call us on Insulate Against the Elements. Keep Weather Out - Comfort In. You Can Plasti Dip Protect your people, protect your facility. Click to enlarge. DOW Buy in bulk and save. To Order Discounts Available.

Additional Sizes We stock additional sizes of Thermax. Follow the links for pricing and information. Please contact us for details. Approved for use, per Section Maximum length is 30 ft. Shipping Prices quoted are for delivery from factory. Enter your name: optional Enter the code below:. Thermax Sheathing Foil Finish , 1. Thermax White Finish Sheathing, 1.

Choose Options. Thermax Installation Kit. Add To Cart. Related Products. You Recently Viewed The Company that brings it all together! Sign up for our newsletter. Brands View all brands.

What you need to know. Determining Area Question: My house is square feet, how much spray foam insulation do I … read more.


Thermax Sheathing (Foil Finish), 1 in, 4'x8' Sheet, R 6.5

The ASHRAE prescriptive continuous insulation requirements for steel-framed, above-grade walls recognize this phenomenon, and in most climate zones, call for a layer of continuous insulation ci to be added to the assembly to help stop the steel thermal shorts that can decrease the energy efficiency of the wall system. To meet continuous insulation code requirements it is critical to also account for condensation within the wall assembly. Even if a wall is adequately designed to prevent liquid water from entering the assembly, condensation can still occur as a result of the interior and exterior temperatures as well as relative humidity. Gold system. Silver system. Bronze system.



All prices are in USD. The glass-fiber reinforcement provides improved fire performance and dimensional stability. Maximum length is 30 ft. Use with Dow Wall and Floor adhesive or Dow Enerfoam to adhere panels to concrete walls and fill voids between panels. Thermax is a closed cell foam product and an outstanding moisture barrier.


Dow Thermax Sheathing 4' x 8' x 2" Polyiso


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