Drawmer's ever-popular DS dual noise gate. Its most common use is for combating noise problems by automatically closing down the audio path during periods of very low signal level, when only noise is present. So, in the first part of this short series, I'll be explaining what all these controls do, and why you might need each of them to achieve the gating effect you require. Because of this, most gates have the facility to make the opening and closing of the gate more gradual.

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Out of stock. The Drawmer DS dual gate is the industry standard for good reason — This gate is the gate that all others are measured. Sold out. Categories: Drawmer , Signal Processing. Email to a Friend. Comprehensive envelope control, attack, hold, decay, and range.

Key input for external triggering. Extremely fast attack time, to preserve the natural attack of the sound. Balanced inputs and outputs. Stereo linkable. Can be used for "Gating" or "Ducking". High audio specification. Quick view. A high-stability master clock generator! Designed as a sister to the acclaimed Drawmer M-Clock Plus, the name of. Add to cart. Categories: Drawmer , Monitor Controllers.

The Drawmer MC1. Categories: Power Amps , Drawmer. The Drawmer CPA 50 is a neat compact 50 watt stand alone power amp for driving small passive. Categories: Compressors , Preamps , Drawmer. What sets the drawmer apart from the rest is its tone and flexibility.

Use it when recording. Read more. Categories: Series , Drawmer , Signal Processing. Get that clasic Drawmer DS series gate in a Series format - this gate is everything you. Categories: Broadcast and Live , Drawmer. Designed for clubs. Back to Top.


Drawmer DS201 Dual Channel Noise Gate

I used to think that gates were all the same. I bought an inexpensive quad gate years ago and have used it quite a bit for cleaning up a bit of tape hiss or amp noise during mixing. When I tried to use it for cleaning a vocal track I always felt it was a bit slow on opening up at the top of a phrase, and when trying to gate toms they'd open when triggered by the snare and kick or clip the beginning of a hit. I thought this was how all gates were. When I got to use the venerable DS I was shocked.


Drawmer DS201 Dual Noise Gate

DS - Dual Noise Gate. The DS is a sophisticated dual channel noise gate incorporating a number of features pioneered by Drawmer, which are invaluable to the sound engineer, and not found on conventional noise gates. These features and its "user friendliness" have made it the "industry standard" throughout the world. Setting up noise gates can be tedious and unrewarding. For example, when attempting to separate a signal from unwanted noise or crosstalk that is relatively high in level, spurious triggering of the gate by unwanted components within the sound can be a serious problem. This can often be experienced in the studio when recording a drum kit.

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