IG Metall German : Industriegewerkschaft Metall , "Industrial Union of Metalworkers'" is the dominant metalworkers ' union in Germany , making it the country's largest union [1] as well as Europe's largest industrial union. The name refers to the union's metalworkers roots dating back to the start of unions in imperial Germany in the s, though this formal organization was founded post-war in Most recently, IG Metall agreed to a landmark deal with employers in , giving 3. Strikes are rare in Germany, where companies and unions strive for consensus whenever possible. Another major strike was organized by IG Metall in , when up to 11, workers in Bavaria remained off the job for two weeks.

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One agency executive has a financial services client that, like too many companies, typically avoids advertising against TV news shows altogether.

However, this advertiser has reversed that stance as the coronavirus pandemic has worsened. So it created new ads specifically to run against news programming and tell audiences that the current economic downturn will eventually subside and the market will bounce back. That financial services company is not the only advertiser overcoming the usual aversion to news programming. While many advertisers continue to steer clear of the news, agency executives said that they are seeing some clients revisiting that position and starting to shift ad dollars to running campaigns against TV news shows — provided they have the right ads to run.

As that statement implies, advertisers are not necessarily warming up to the news purely out of some sense of duty. That may be a contributing factor, but the bigger motivation appears to be that those companies still advertising are seeing that, with so many people tuning into the news these days, it can be better for their businesses to advertise against the news than to avoid it.

With sports not happening, news shows have stepped in as the programming genre that offers advertisers the largest live audience, according to agency executives. For some advertisers, such as streaming services, the reach that news offers right now has sufficed to convince them to redirect the ads that were intended to run against live sports to run instead against live news.

A streaming service can ask people tuning into type of programming to check out another without coming across as tone-deaf. But for other advertisers, before they can run ads against the news, they have needed to come up with new ads to run.

In addition to some advertisers and their agencies taking it upon themselves to craft new campaigns to suit the news, TV networks have been working to incentivize companies to run ads against news shows. The networks have not dropped their ad prices for news inventory, but they have been offering creative services at no charge to design PSA-style ads for advertisers and dropping fees for custom marketing programs, the agency executives said.

The agency executives said that seemingly every TV network group is offering the aforementioned incentives for companies to advertise against news shows, but they cited NBCUniversal as the most publicly representative example.

The company has created public service announcements that call out individual advertisers as sponsors, and it has waived fees , such as talent and integration fees, for the custom marketing programs it creates. TV upfront advertisers want more options to take money out of the market and to put money into the market closer to when their ads will air.

In a new video, experts from GumGum, The Martin Agency and Pinterest discuss the future of video advertising — and outline their vision for how video ads can be less disruptive.

Striking long-term deals guaranteeing increased sales or store visits is hard right now, which could push advertisers seeking such pledges to the scatter market. Business of TV.

April 13, by Tim Peterson. Most Read. Marketing on TikTok. Beyond Ads. Explore More from Digiday Media. Digiday Top Stories. Streaming Outside The Box.


How to evaluate a job

Started by jeba , 24 May Posted 24 May I found the current industrial agreement between IGMetall and Bavarian employers here. Does anybody know the criteria for e. Is it formal criteria like years of employment, having a degree, responsibility for budget etc.?


TV advertisers rethink aversion to news shows as they adapt their ad messages


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