H2O Guestbook. Your feedbacks and comments are very important. Note from webmaster : I had to add a different guestbook to the site. The old one no longer functions. Here are the comments of the old one. I also safeguard the entries of the new guestbook here after these experiences.

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H2O Guestbook. Your feedbacks and comments are very important. Note from webmaster : I had to add a different guestbook to the site. The old one no longer functions. Here are the comments of the old one. I also safeguard the entries of the new guestbook here after these experiences. In March Kayo Where are you from? Ibaraki pref. Iwent to their live at Tokyo in March 19th. My seet was too far, and I can't look them. But musics were great. I hope they love my country. John Where are you from?

Great website! Your dogs are adorable! Check out some of my Cocker Spaniel Pictures at www. Nice website! Sometimes, they are addicted to … the Euro. Do YOU have one of my Euro banknotes at this moment?? Find it out at www.

Debbie Where are you from? I love Hall and Oates. I have never heard another group sing with such heart and SOUL in my life. I also believe that they just got better and better. Rock on guys. I love ya. Arnold D Pigg Where are you from? We earn free promotional items, too. This thing is pretty cool, if you want to get involved in a real promotional process. Buddy Gott Where are you from?

I bet there will be even more after Our Kind Of Soul comes out. Brandy Where are you from? Where are all the fans at? Daryl and John even would like to know that. If Daryl and John were to read this guestbook, they'd hunt me down cause I'm the only one who seems to sign this. At least I visit here every single day.

I guess I'll sign twice. I get bored, no homework can get done if all you think about is Daryl's big blue eyes I got married to him in my dream!! I sound like a total loser!

Oh it's just a case of possession obsession See what Daryl Hall does to me???????!!!! I'm a new fan!! I'm Sign the petiton to get the boys into the Rock-n-roll Hall of Fame!! Dan Where are you from? Is there any reason why I can't download the music on the rare music page? The links are blank? They won't allow me to click on them. If someone knows, please let me know? Cute dog! Actually, my comments are about the site With the lyrics so hard to read on some of the CD booklets - or not there at all!

I have a question. I am not able to access the music links on the rare music site from my home computer. I can do it from any other computer.

Does anyone happen to know if there's something in my settings that is wrong? For example, is there something in tools-internet options-advanced tab that's checked or not checked? Basically, when I go to the rare music site, the colored links to the songs are blank and don't allow me to click on them.

From all other computers, the song titles are there and I can click on them. I would appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions. I think Daryl and John would click on the Website link below to join our new Foreign Language Club if they were visiting the page.

I am not a big John fan. Daryl is cool, though. When will we see Hall and Oates in Europe again? Awesome website! Such a wealth of information here!

Keep up the fantastic job!!!! Nice to see fans from all over the world. I love what you're doing Juergen, always have. I am always happy to contribute to this site. The best H O site anywhere. You have just about everything the fan needs. Keep up the good work. Happy New year and I am ready to package your next shipment lol.

Great info and pictures. I am from the hometown of Yuengling beer, 2 hrs. N of Phila. I have been a fan since the 70's.. I have been to 6 concerts since Sept. I have loved Daryl and John since the late 70's. Am I crazy or do I remember them doing a song called "Duke of Earl"? I could swear it was on one of their earlier albums. Their music really brings back wonderful memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been a huge fan since I first heard "Dreamtime". I'm planning on writing a book on the stories behind the songs, and would greatly appreciate it if any fans could send me any info they think might be helpful.

Great site, dedicated to the true Kings of Rock'N Soul. Keep up the good work! Just to express my simpathy for the unique sound and style of Hall and Oates. In my childhood I listened to their music and I knew something special was in the air, the sound of good taste.

Liverpool, England - European Capital of Culture I may come from Beatle City, but Daryl and John own my heart as far as music is concerned I started with them back in Abandoned Luncheonette days, and have travelled on their musical journey ever since.

They're simply the best at what they do. Oh, and Daryl just gets better with age , mmmmmmm!! Great site Jurgen, lots of interesting snippets to keep us going, and your lyrics pages are just brilliant - they've solved many an argument! Thank you. On August 5, , I was fortunate enough to witness their induction into the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame in Hollywood and saw them in person for the first time.

We want to keep you composing and singing for another 30 years!! Daryl, happy new 57th! I wish you continued happiness, self-fulfillment, and good health.


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