Update your browser to view this website correctly. Update my browser now. The dual-layer, small-format Focusrite Control is the first product created by both companies. It makes the difficult easy by combining short and clean analog signal paths, as well as nearly limitless configuration and routing possibilities, with well-integrated workstation control. It weighs just more than 40 pounds, measures

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Overview The Focusrite is a dual function analog mixer and ethernet-equipped DAW control surface with inline-style input and aux and cue control per channel. It features 8 Class-A microphone preamps, 32 inputs to the main mix buss.

A stereo master buss compressor in the center section can be blended in parallel with the dry signal. From the Price Guide Sell Yours. Oops, looks like you forgot something. Please check the fields highlighted in red.

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Focusrite Control 2802 Dual-Layer Mixing Console Review

Control is a super-flexible analogue console and an Ethernet-based DAW control surface in one. Precision analogue audio architecture delivers a superb, big studio sound, while Control demonstrates extraordinarily versatile routing capability, with cues and auxes available to provide up to 32 mix inputs and a DAW-integrated two-part in-line-style channel. With an array of superb-quality analogue features packed into its compact frame, Focusrite Control includes capabilities you would expect to find only on large-format consoles. At the front end, eight Class-A microphone preamps deliver clear, transparent performance. Then at its heart is a powerful summing mixer handling up to 32 simultaneous inputs with ultra-low distortion, excellent dynamic range and a frequency response wider than the human ear. High-end analogue design characterises the — implemented with similarly uncompromised components and build quality throughout.


Focusrite Control 2802

The illuminated Cut and Solo buttons above each channel's fader can affect either the DAW or the analogue signal paths. The Zen also included dedicated transport buttons for DAW control. The latest stage in Audient's progressive development of integrated DAW control is their new ASP console, reviewed here running firmware v1. All very familiar and workmanlike stuff. One minor point here is that when controlling the analogue channels, the fader provides 10dB of gain above unity and the panel legending is calibrated accordingly. The Select button function can also apply to either the analogue signal paths or the DAW, and that is determined by some more buttons in the master section of the desk, with no fewer than seven different options!


Control 2802



Focusrite Control 2802 Mixer & DAW Controller


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