Er nannte daher, da ihm im Augenblick kein anderer Name einfiel, nur den Rufnamen aus seinen letzten Stellungen: 'Negro'. Kafka's cryptic inclusion of the pseudonym "Negro" in his America-novel Der Verschollene, presented during the European immigrant Karl Rossmann's application process at the traveling Oklahoma Nature Theater, has prompted a variety of deliberations and interpretations. While not refuting any of these in particular, I suggest that Kafka's use of "Negro" in Der Verschollene in this perplexing and intriguing scene marks a critique on American society that is not restricted to race relations between blacks and whites in the early twentieth century. The term stands in broadly for the extreme inequalities of a markedly stratified society characterized in part by the exploitation of immigrant workers, a theme taken up not only in Kafka's Nature-Theater scenes, but throughout the novel. In support of this argument, I will outline the social hierarchies in Der Verschollene, focusing particular attention on how these power structures affect the novel's immigrants.

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In New York trifft er auf einen reichen Onkel, der ihn zu sich nimmt. Karl lernt zwei Landstreicher kennen, die sich nun seiner annehmen - jedoch stets zu seinem Nachteil. Peter Simonischek wurde in Graz geboren. Nach Stationen in St. Nebenher ist er in vielen Film- und Fernsehrollen zu sehen.

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America, ‘Amerika’

Amerika , also known as The Man Who Disappeared , [1] The Missing Person [2] and as Lost in America [3] German: Der Verschollene , is the incomplete first novel by author Franz Kafka — , written between and [4] and published posthumously in The novel originally began as a short story titled " The Stoker ". The novel incorporates many details of the experiences of his relatives who had emigrated to the United States. The commonly used title Amerika can be traced to the edition of the text put together by Max Brod , a close friend of Kafka's during the latter's lifetime, after Kafka's death in As the ship arrives in the United States, he becomes friends with a stoker who is about to be dismissed from his job.


Der Verschollene - Franz Kafka


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