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Edward Chan M. Nicholas Goldstein M. Hi, I highly recommend starting with Ultimate Review books for mccee and for mccqe1. They give you free questions to download and using those will give you a good start. I will add them to the post or write a new one. There is a chance if you go to Canada as a fellow you need to have a specialty from your country , work for years, they like you very much, and give you an opportunity to stay as a staff, even without taking any of the MCC exams.

This is possible but the chance is very slim. They say that after the new health care bill kicks in, there will be a high demand for any medical professionals in US. Does anyone know how i can get the required textbooks and the chances of actually working when im qualified.

All the information I receive from blogs, forum, people is that is almost impossible to work as a doctor in Canada. I woould not like to arrive to Canada and have to work as a taxi driver or something else, while in our countries we practice medicine. So, what is the importance of permanent resident status if we can not work in medicine? The federal government has all the intention to bring medical professionals to Canada with the intention of working. The problem is that the provincial authorities that issue your license are not in any way subject to federal policy, so, even though there is a high demand for physicians currently, the provincial authorities control who does and does not get a licence.

I did MBBS long time ago. I am a Canadian citizen. I have done a full time job as a Medical Information specialist in a Toronto hospital,recently for over three years.. Currently doing M. Sc in Dermatology in a university in UK. Last residency was in Pakistan. I also did M. Kindly let me know what should I do on returning to Canada in a few months with M. Sc Dermatology degree in hand. Will appreciate any nice advise from all friends in this forum.

I am an IMG from Pakistan. I hold Three Fellowships. I have worked in the U. I am a permanent Resident of Canada. I have a good training in General and Thoracic Surgery. What are my prospects of gettinf a job in Canada. Thanks Tanveer. I am one who is here for last five years,with fellowship and membership. Are you on specialist Register in UK or ireland. Iam working as a recent;ly appointed consultant surgeon on both Specialist Register.

I will be looking for consultant jobs. Hello Please let me know if I have a chance of getting any kind of work in Gynecology and Obstetrics in Canada. I have 5 years post Fellowship Experience. Thank you Saba. The best thing is to start with writing your mccee and mccqe1. You have to register first online with the Medical council of Canada and Carms.

For studying you should try either Ultimate Review books or Ottawa Notes. Those books take you step by step through the online application process. D russia. Plz help me. For mccee there are a couple of study guides you can try. Many people use Ottawa Notes which also has evaluating exams and gives a free copy of toronto-notes as well.

The other is ultimate review books and their question books. Good question banks to use online would be usmle world or the kaplan question banks for step2. Best of luck. They have all previous examination questions!

Over 20 hours of lecture material and good explanations and tips for exam questions. Im a pediatric infectious disease specialist in the Philippines.

Our visa for migration has been approved. How is my chance of working in Winnepeg as specialist? Do I start all over again? How do I start? I used two books to help me with this process because it can be very confusing and can delay your process if not done right. You can get both books at mcceereview. Hey, I have just finished my medical degree. I want to know that what are the exams should i pass to get residency training in canada. You need to start by applying for the mccee first.

Then you can apply for residency after that. Make sure you get a good score. Good review materials include ultimate review books, ottawa notes, and usmle world questions. I would want to know when can I give it earliest?

Do I have to have a degree to apply for it? What would be the best book to prepare for it? Good information. Many thanks Regards Alexander. Also,what do I need as an img besides mccee to practice in Canada.

This is a great blog. We are just starting to blog about our office and I look forward to seeing the new site! Toronto Notes is too much information for mccee.. Hi everyone, can anyone tell me whether there is exemption from mccee after passing usmle part 1 how will i kw. I also would like to kw whether high score in canadian exams matters in getting residency.

Apart from score are there other factors influencing to get into residency. It appears that canadian exams are tougher than its counterpart usa exams. Well, connections always help, even more than good scores. You need to find an observership or research and get to know more people that can recommend you.

Canada is a good place to live if you are a pizza pizza driver or painter, but if you want to be a physician is a different story.

Thank u very much for ur advice,to me its daunting thinking about canadian exams. Do you think i better prepare for usmle. After clearing canadian exams, is everyone getting residency. Is getting observership easy in canada,hw long one need to do to get recommendation letter.

I happened to find this forum by chance while looking for free mcqs for mccee. I did my mbbs long time back and am in the process of canada immigration. I started going through toronto notes few wks back for mccee. How are ottawa notes different from toronto notes? How many volumes of ultimate review books are there?

Are these mcqs? Reading about how difficult it is to practice in canada, even after passing required exams has put me into depression…:. Firstly, you need to register with the MCC medical council of Canda. If you have 3 months or more, then I strongly recommend using the ottawa notes because it also has good audio lectures and comes with a lot of good information from basic to advanced. Make sure to do as many questions as possible.. I would avoid canada q bank because their questions are not properly explained and people have reported errors as well.

Also the difficulty level is not that high in those questions. Hi Umer, First of all thanks for reply , i found it Very encouraging and kind. I have some queries, hope you can throw some light on them as well. First of all, i have not yet registered with pcrc,though i have opened my account but havent paid them or sent the svr.


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Post a Comment. Which is the most serious complication of the supra condilar fracture of the Humerus? Which one of the following descriptors of a diagnostic test is Influenced by the prevalence of the disease being tested for : -Specificity -Sensitivity -Accuracy -Positive predictive value -Reliability 4. A 43 years M admitted for Emergency Gastrectomey present confusion on the 3rd post-Op day.


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