By continuing to use the forum you conform your acceptance of these. If you are not happy to accept these you must stop using the forum and delete our cookies from your browser. Hello all I am after the user manual for the scope detailed in the title - electronic form is fine. I have looked online and found only manuals for similarly numbered models or links that are not what the Google search suggests when you click through.

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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. Read times. Hello to all. I'm a certified newbie in hobby electronics I saw the above oscillo for CHF In working condition, no postage fee Any suggestion? Your Scope, the Hameg is probably over 30 years old, but they are good quality and they can last much longer, my Hameg is only 27!

NZ Siglent Distributor. At a glance the trace does not cover the full screen so it seems some adjustments might be necessary. That is not the cheapest offer, but I've seen them for a much higher prize on ebay. Hameg scopes are generally a good quality made in Germany, they were bought by Rhode and schwarz. If you don't mind that, you can probably find one that cheap. The most scopes which were similar in Germany I've looked at last year were about the same prize plus postage germany and Switzerland might be even more expensive.

But just take a few looks at scopes on ebay. Dave did although drive time rant although that topic "Buy a real analog scope" or like that. Greetings PS: I would ask for a picture with the test Signal hooked up, so that you can be pretty sure it works. It would be even better, if you can get a warranty A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few original ideas as possible. There are no prima donnas in engineering. If it is close enough for "pickup only",maybe you should have a look at it in person before committing yourself.

CHF If "pickup" entails a fairly long "road trip" perhaps you might consider looking in surrounding countries which may have a better selection,with "pickup" not being that much farther away. If it's local, and you can check it works then it's not a bad deal. That assumes that it will measure what you need it to measure. Quote from: vk6zgo on January 10, , am.

Big difference between what they are offered at and what they actually sell at. Google translate didn't want to do its job so I couldn't tell if those were sold prices or not. Sold prices are the true value. I'm sorry, I have to get used to post english links The price for the auctions, is what the highest current bid is. The prize shown for 'Buy now' is the prize, at what they are offered at.

They are good quality, no doubt, but only very few of them have a second time base or delays, for example. That doesn't necessarily reflect the market, though.

Thanks to all for your help. Given your comments, and although the Hameg may not be the most exciting option, I elected to go ahead and to buy it. I have to start somewhere anyway, so this model will do. I'll take delivery next week-end. Cheers and thanks again. Quote from: PCBaby on January 13, , pm. AndreasF : Done it already. Even downloaded it. Thanks for the advice anyway. I was able to pick up my Hameg, at last!

The previous owner had the machine running some fonction when I arrived, so I had the confirmation it was in good working condition.

Once back home, I connected it to my Arduino and ran the "blink" sketch - looked ok see pic attached. Question : I'll have to buy two scopes as he one I got is definitely too old. What are the criteria when one buys probes for below-entry-level scopes, in fact, apart avoiding the ones combining with because of problems with the switch?

Many thanks again for your help. Either probes would be fine, I'd get the one with the accessories. Don't worry about the switch, only the Rigol ones seem to give trouble. There was an error while thanking. SMF 2. EEVblog on Youtube.


Oszilloskop HM203-5



Oscilloscope HAMEG HM 203-5



Hameg HM 203 Manual




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