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Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question. What are the mixing instructions according to the use and care manual for Hitachi HB-B? By Kathleen. I just bought a used Hitachi HB B bread machine.

It came with French and English manuals, but only the French recipe book. Would anyone like to trade me an English version for French?

Or would anyone just like to have the French one? Could anyone tell me where to find the PDF English recipe book? Advertisement By larry from Nanaimo, BC. Go to kitchen. I apologize! I told you the URL for the manual. I need to find the recipe book and instruction manual for an Hitachi HB - bread machine.

By Louise T. Google "hitachi bread machine manual hb-b" The first result that comes up is your manual. I do not have recipe for making bread with Hitachi HB-B Could you send me some?

Thank you very much in advance! I lost my manual and recipe book for Hitachi bread maker HB-D How can I get a replace one? I appreciate your information. My machine is new. I want to use it. Thanks for your help. Advertisement By Ana M.

Rodriguez from Jamaica, NY. You could go to hatachi. Is there a manual available for this machine? What size loaf does it make? I need operating manual for a Hitachi bread machine HB-B By Leonard from Orange, TX. Leonard, did you get your manual? I looked and found one. I have an Hitachi HB-C3 bread machine but no recipe book. As this is a model only sold in Japan I can only find a recipe book in Japanese.

Does anyone have a recipe book in English for this machine or know if the same machine is sold in the USA or Europe with a different model number?

This specific HB-C3 Hitachi bread machine was manufactured specifically to fit smaller Japanese kitchens and, according to the company website, is not available for international purchase. So, the possibility of finding an English recipe book for your machine is probably very low.

Advertisement If you want to use it, you can break down recipes for larger machines and calculate the new measurements based upon the size of your smaller machine. Here's two ideas -- find someone who reads Japanese to translate the recipes for you. Might be a tough thing to do!! Or, measure the size of the loaf of bread that it makes or the capacity of the loaf tin, and compare that to some other machine, for which you have recipes.

Try to find a machine that makes small loaves, since that seems to be the difference with this machine. I am looking for preferably a free website where I can print it out. Patricia- I did a quick web search and found the manual posted as a pdf here: www. If fehlman's link isn't good you can try www.

I have found a very nice manual that can be printed out. A quick note while reading the owner's manual, I noticed there are basic recipes for white bread in there. And, it tells you when to add raisins, if you want raisin bread. I bought a used HB-b bread machine. The measuring cup is missing. What are the equivalents? By Martha from Mobile, AL. Just measure according to the loaf size.

All bread machines are the same. You can Google the manual if needed. There could be many problems leading to a hard crust. We need more information to be able to offer a possible reason, such as: specific recipe and any changes you may have made in the recipe, brand, age and specifications of the breadmaker, etc.

My grandson has gluten allergies and I was lucky enough to find a machine that I could afford, but unfortunately there is no manual, can you help me out?

Advertisement Thanks. By Maria. I have just gotten the HB B bread machine. But I don't have any directions or recipes. By Linda P. Almost all machine manuals and instructions can be found online.

Here is the instruction manual for your bread machine: www. Good luck with your machine! I'm looking for a manual for the Hitachi HB-B automatic home bakery, bread machine.

I have the machine, but no manual. By Ruth. You can usually find manuals online just by running a search. Check out this link: mypdfmanuals. I have this breadmaker and I lost the recipe book that comes with it.

I have the instruction manual. How can I get a copy of the recipe or cookbook that comes with it? By Ann J. Don't fret the Hitachi recipes. Use any bread recipe you like. That's been working for me since I bought my first bread machine over 20 years ago. Also, consider using your machine for initial kneading only.

Your manual will list the time for each machine step. Whether you wish to bake a round loaf or regular loaf pans or whatever. This might help: www. Here's a pdf download: pdfsb. It may also be available at www. I need the manual for a Hitachi bread machine, model hb-b By gerald Harrison.

My Hitachi bread machine pan keeps popping out of the lock during the first knead, turning the machine off. It just doesn't seem to be locking properly. Any suggestions? By Kathy from Long Island. I have a Hitachi bread maker and have lost my recipe book. Where can I find one? By Carol L. Thank you for your help in advance. By Celia H. I have a Hitachi HB-B bread machine and I have lost my recipe book and all I need is the one recipe that makes the white bread.

I also need the ingredients and how they are listed.


Hitachi Bread Machine Instruction Manuals and Recipes

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