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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. This manual provides the best information we could find. It may be incomplete or contain dated information, and the scan quality may not be ideal.

If we find a better copy in the future, we will add it to the Agilent website. Please note that Hewlett- Packai'd's former test and measurement, life sciences, and chemical analysis businesses are now part of Agilent Technologies. We have made no changes to this manual copy. Support for Your Product Agilent no longer sells or supports this product.

Our service centers may be able to perform calibration if no repair paits are needed, but no other support from Agilent is available.

Description I i Scope of Manual! Triggering Manual Changes , Rise Time Preliminary Set-Up Initial Inspection , Preparation for Use r 1 Gain , Trigger Output Level General Controls and Connectors. Composite inverter Current.

Input Probes 3rl Delay Line Termination. Operating Instructions Input Capacitance Pulse Response. Functional Deiscriptlon Introduction Ordering Information Attenuator ' Input Amplifier , Manual Changes Main Amplifier Older Instruments Beam Finder. Newer Instruments Multivibrator Options Test Equipment Schematic Diagrams Performance Check Troubleshooting Repair and Replacement Deflection Factor Servicing Etched Circuit X Controls and Connectors Internal Trigger Amplitude XY Operation - Auapllfier Balance Adjustment Model A Block Diagram - 5- 1.

Component Identification for A1 and A2 Attenuators and Input Impedance Converters Schematic Input Amplifier Measurement Conditions and Waveforms Input Amplifier Schematic.

Main Amplifier Measurement Conditions and Waveforms Main Amplifier Schematic Multivibrator Measurement Conditions and Waveforms. Multivibrator Schematic. Sync Amplifier Measurement Conditions and Waveforms Sync Amplifier Schematic Shipping Carton Test Strengths 4- 1. Multivibrator Status and Output 5- 1. Required Test Equipment Deflection Factor Accuracy Attenuator Compensation 5- 4. Input Capacitance 6- 1. List of Reference Designators and Abbreviations Replaceable Parts 7rl.

Manual Changes Channel B alone. Channels A and B displayed on alternate sweeps. Channel A plus Channel B algebraic addition. Bandwidth Direct or with probes, 3 db down from 8 cm, 50 IJlz reference signal. Rise Time Direct or with probes : Less than 7 nsec with 8 cm input step.

Input RC: 1 megohm shunted by approximately 25 pf. Either Channel A or B may be in- verted to give differential operation.

Dual channel capability allowsdlsplay of one signal alone or two signals simultaneously. Two wave- forms can be Superimposed, each with the full 8-cm amplitude. Each channel of thte plug-inhas a bandwidth of 50 MHzj a rise time of less than 7 nsec, and a maxi- mum calibrated deflection factor sensitivity of , 5 millivolts per centimeter. With the chopped display, switching 6c- carsata kHz rate and the CRT trace is automatic- ally blanked during switching eliminating undesirable transients from the display.

In the chopped mode, the sweep is triggered from the channel B signal. With alternate operation, the time base may be trig- gered either on the signal displayed by each channel or onthechiinnel B signal alone, Channel A plus chan- nel B algebraic addition may also be selected and either channel can be inverted to obtain adifferential A-B or B-A display.

Complete specifications for the Model 1;A are provided in Table This manual supplements that informa- tion presented in the Operating and Service Manual for ' the hp Model rseries Oscilloscopes- For specific, information OP other plug-ins for the Model series Oscilloscope, refer to the manualforthe specific plug- in unit.

Hewlett-Packard uses a two-section eight-digit serial number to identify instruments. The first three digits preceding the dash are the serial prefix which identifies a series of instruments; the last five digits identify a particular instrument in the series- The serial number appears on a plate located on the rear panel.

I This manual provides complete information for any Model 1. Will describe changes Which will adapt this manual to provide cor-, rect coverage. V Inspect the Model A for physical damage such as bertor broken parts and dents or scratches. If damage is found, refer to Para- graph for the recommended claim procedure.

If the Model A appears undamagsdperform the elec- trical check Paragraph Retain the packaging material for possible future use. The performance check Is given in Paragraphs through This check will determine whether or not the instrument is still operating within its specifications as listed in Table 1- 1.

The initial performance and accuracy of this in- strument aiv certified as stated on the inside front cover of this manual. If they are not available, or reusable, the instrument should be repackaged with the following materials; a. Heavy paper or sheets of cardboard to protect all instrument surfaces use a nonabrasive material such as polyurethane or a cushioned paper such as Kimpak around all projecting parts.

Heavy duty shipping tape to secure outside of carton. Instp, 11 Plug-Ins aS follows:.


amm HP 1801A Dual Channel Vertical Amplifier



HP 1801A Dual Channel Vertical Amplifier amm



HP 1801A Dual Channel Vertical Amplifier (amm)




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