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All rights reserved. MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd. All right reserved. This document is a general product description and is subject to change without notice. Total pixel array size is x, and x pixels are active. Each active pixel composed of 4 transistors, it has a micro-lens to enhance sensitivity. Auto Black Level Compensation ABLC is using light blocking shield pixels which is placed top and bottom at core pixel to measure the black level and compensation.

Features z VGA resolution z 5. The additional use of a dedicated transfer transistor in the architecture reduces most of reset level noise so that fixed pattern noise is not visible. Furthermore, micro-lens is placed upon each pixel in order to increase fill factor so that high pixel sensitivity is achieved. Sensor Imaging Operation Imaging operation is implemented by the offset mechanism of integration domain and scan domain rolling shutter scheme. First integration plane is initiated, and after the programmed integration time is elapsed, scan plane is initiated, then image data start being produced.

Integration time is equivalent to exposure time of general camera. So that integration time need to be increased in dark environment and decreased in bright environment.

Maximum value of integration time is x sensor clock period 80ns, SCF Programmable range is from 0. Default gain is 1. Default gain is 1X. The larger register value increases the amount of current CDS Bias Controls the amount of current in internal CDS bias circuit to amplify pixel output effectively.

To solve this extraordinary phenomenon, we adopt the method to clamp reset data voltage. Reset Level Clamp controls the reset data voltage to prevent inversion of extremely bright image. The larger register value clamps the reset data level at highest voltage level. Default value is 7 to clamp the reset data level at appropriate voltage level.

When light shielded pixel output exceeds this limit, the pixel is not accounted for black level calculation. HVGR sensor can operate only as a slave. The SCK only controls the serial interface. Every byte consists of 8 bits. Each byte transferred on the bus must be followed by an Acknowledge. The most significant bit of the byte should always be transmitted first. Drive: I2C stop condition This document is a general product description and is subject to change without notice.

Drive: acknowledge to sensor. MCLK may be divided by internal clock division logic for easy integration with high speed video codec. SCK is driven by host processor. For the detail serial bus timing, refer to I2C chip interface section Input AC Characteristics This document is a general product description and is subject to change without notice.

If you set ENB pin to low, sensor goes to power down. Though sensor remains power down, you can program the registers by above IIC protocol. After ENB is changed to high, the registers that you set in power down are newly updated. HVGR is automatically reset the chip when power on. Output delay includes the internal This document is a general product description and is subject to change without notice.


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