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Coronavirus Preparedness Statement. Read More. Resource Library Keyword. Filter by:. Product Altair. Altair WinProp Datasheet. Altair WinProp is the most complete suite of tools in the domain of wireless propagation and radio network planning. Download PDF Share:. Altair Feko Datasheet Learn More.

Altair Feko Datasheet. Altair Feko is a leading electromagnetic simulation software that uses multiple frequency and time domain techniques. True hybridization of these methods enables the efficient analysis of a broad spectrum of electromagnetic problems mainly related to antenna design and placement, scattering, radar cross section RCS and electromagnetic compatibility EMC , including electromagnetic pulses EMP , lightning effects, high intensity radiated fields HIRF , and radiation hazard.

HyperView Player Learn More. HyperView Player Download HyperView Player Share:. Altair, Materialise and Renishaw have collaboratively created a prototype of lattice structured spider bracket; a lightweight, functional structure which echoes biological forms found in nature.

The synthesis of computational design technology with performance based lattice optimization, automatic surface smoothing and re-design with metal additive layer manufacturing, resulted in the creation of this unconventional, structurally efficient, manufacturable bracket that unleashes designing potential and creativity, freeing creators of common manufacturing constraints across the entire project from conception, product performance to its realization. The printed part shows how true bio-mimicking of 3D patterns reduces stress concentrations and produces a custom tailored design that embeds organic beauty and freedom of design.

Altair's software OptiStruct was used for inspiration of the organic structure of the motorcycle. This webinar discusses the contact modeling capabilities of MotionSolve.

What are the different contact modeling approaches and when is one more capable than another? The webinar will also talk about the modeling environment and the tools that permit useful post processing. View on Demand Share:. Comprehensive Electromagnetic Analysis and Design.

Brochure with global overview of Altair's electromagnetic software solutions. CalsonicKansei North America. CKNA contacted Altair ProductDesign for training on the Squeak and Rattle Director, which led to more in-depth consultation on the squeak and rattle methodologies, ultimately saving the company time and money by helping them identify detrimental issues early on and by improving vehicle quality.

Read the Full Story Share:. Challenge Rotek needed to design a pre-inspection simulation model to reduce the time required to inspect the last stage blade roots of the rotors in the low pressure areas of steam turbines. Solution Using Maple, Rotek was able to create a precise model of the ultrasonic inspection routine. The inspection parameters, including the optimal ultrasonic equipment settings and most critical shot locations, were verified before actual testing began.

View Case Study Share:. Integration with solidThinking Activate allows a user to model control systems, actuators and sensors in a convenient block diagram environment while coupled with MotionSolve via co-simulation. Models in MotionSolve can be linearized for classic control system design, and its powerful non-linear capabilities helps you model critical effects, ranging from friction, to component flexibility, to contact between colliding bodies.

Finally, integration with other HyperWorks tools allow you to drive your simulations with a model-based design approach. For the Shell Eco-marathon, an international contest for sustainable mobility, student teams from schools and universities all over the world design vehicles that are as energy-efficient as possible.

After passing a technical check, the vehicles compete for energy efficiency. To compete in this category, a driver with a minimum weight of 50 kg has to drive a distance of The challenge for the TUfast Eco team was breaking the world record for efficient vehicles and participation in the Shell Eco-marathon. The Altair solution included topology optimization with HyperWorks.

Electric Motors Design with Altair Flux. E-mobility Simulation Solutions Learn More. E-mobility Simulation Solutions. E-mobility Simulation Solutions Application Sheet. Heat Treatment Design with Flux. Heat Treatment Design Application Sheet. Sensors Design with Altair Flux. APEL Extrusions.

APEL Extrusions employs die extrusion simulation software to test die extrusion performance. This allows APEL to greatly speed up the design process and test multiple simulations per week. Download Customer Story Share:.

Actuators Design with Altair Flux. Performance of their products is key in providing differentiation to win customers and simulation plays a critical role in creating this differentiation. This webinar will demonstrate an array of applications using MotionSolve for simulation and optimization in various automotive applications including vehicle dynamics, durability and closures.

Alstom Learn More. Alstom coupled topology optimization with additive manufacturing to explore the feasibility of alternate manufacturing to traditional casting. Triton Bikes Learn More. Triton Bikes. Triton Bikes utilized Altair Inspire to Increase performance, decrease the overall weight, and simplify manufacturability of a 3D printed custom bike rear yoke. The challenge was to investigate the potential offered by the symbiosis of topology optimization and additive manufacturing for architectural projects.

The Altair solution included the use of the HyperWorks suite, especially OptiStruct for optimization tasks. The benefits were reduced construction time and costs due to decreased material usage while receiving better and more esthetic results. Altair makes the "Best of " issue of the German magazine Konstruktionspraxis. The December "Best of " issue of the German magazine Konstruktionspraxis listed the best and most read articles, products, and news of Konstruktionspraxis throughout Bases on online feedback to our articles, all published at www.

Download Share:. In performing lightweighting projects for large OEMs, Mubea is the only provider worldwide who delivers innovations of tailor-rolled blanks TRB which are ideal for not only vehicle body structural but also for suspension components that encounter different loads across their length. The Mubea team has worked collaboratively with Altair for over 6 years. OptiStruct V The zip file contains feature presentations and demo models for the 27 OptiStruct features released in V Download ZIP Share:.

The zip file contains feature presentations and demo models for all the 21 OptiStruct features released in V The zip file contains feature presentations and demo models for all the 35 OptiStruct features released in V For each of the 70 new features in OptiStruct OEMs and suppliers include every possible technique to support lightweighting in the automotive industry. It is common to use optimization techniques in order to identify and tab existing lightweight potentials as well as design tailor rolled components in a vehicle, the design optimization of which is normally based on crash simulations.

Due to the large size of these simulations, a single run can take 1 to 12 hours. To conduct all the simulation runs needed for assessment and evaluation of different design concepts, the use of HPC is necessary.

OptiStruct is 17x faster with the latest Dell Precision Workstation. Download Benchmark Share:. Introduction to OptiStruct Learn More. Introduction to OptiStruct. OptiStruct is an industry proven, modern structural analysis solver for linear and nonlinear problems under static and dynamic loadings.

It is the market-leading solution for structural design and optimization. Introduction to Radioss Learn More. Introduction to Radioss. Radioss is a leading structural analysis solver for highly non-linear problems under dynamic loadings. It is used across all industries worldwide to improve the crashworthiness, safety, and manufacturability of structural designs. View the Video. Introduction to MotionSolve Learn More. Introduction to MotionSolve. MotionSolve can accurately simulate any mechanical system to predict forces, kinematics and dynamics of motion.

The mechanical system may consist of rigid and structurally flexible bodies connected by various kinds of kinematic constraints and flexible connectors. Environmental forces and motion excitations drive the motion of the entire system. Thermal analysis is a key factor when designing motors.

We propose to link the studies of electromagnetic and thermal aspects in transient application with Finite Element Method FEM to represent the thermal state of motor with higher accuracy.


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