Una muestra de adolescentes consultantes a servicios de salud mental fue comparada con dos tipos de muestras controles. A sample of adolescents from the mental health services was compared with two kind of control samples. Both unifactorial and bifactorial structure show a suitable goodness-of-fit in the confirmatory factor analysis. Beck et al. Los resultados se observan en la Tabla 2.

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Rendimiento diagnóstico y estructura factorial del Inventario de Depresión de Beck-II (BDI-II)

Although the psychometric properties of the scale have been well established through many studies worldwide, so far there is no study examining the validity and reliability of BDI-II in Republic Dominican. The purpose of the present study was twofold: a to examine the latent structure of BDI-II by testing several competing models proposed in the literature; and b to provide evidence of validity and reliability of the BDI-II in Republic Dominican. Confirmatory factor analysis indicated that a bifactor model with a general depression factor and three specific factors consisting of cognitive, affective and somatic showed the best fit to the data. Internal reliability was moderate to high for all subscales and for the total scale.


2015, Número 4

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