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This new model, the HR-DVS1, is ready to meet the demand from among the ever growing number of MiniDV camcorder owners who are looking for an easier way to watch and dub their DV footage. MiniDV is undeniably the de facto standard in digital camcorders, while Super VHS allows flexible dubbing and editing at the highest quality levels available in analog video. After you're done shooting, you can have an easy time enjoying the results with an HR-DVS1 in your home.

This obviously makes it easy to play back and watch DV footage that has been shot using a DV camcorder. But aside from cable-free viewing simplicity, there are the added benefits of the deck's advanced tape transport, and more versatile remote control operation.

Particularly noteworthy is the incorporation of DigiPure Technology actually a group of advanced digital image processing technologies that have been perfected by JVC. Users will thus be able to dub their MiniDV camcorder footage over to VHS cassettes, and share them with virtually anybody.

The same can be said for 10x Pinpoint Digital Zoom, which lets you zoom in on just about any part of the playback picture to take a closer look at what's happening. Furthermore, you get to choose from among 3 fader types and 13 wipe styles, and select from among the previously mentioned Digital Special Effects as well as a date display, to be automatically applied to scene transitions during the Random Assemble Editing. Since information such as edit-in and -out counter positions and selected effects are stored in the deck's memory, the user can always make identical edited tapes based on the same program data.

Link, IEEE compliant on the front panel allow the user to expand the potential of digital video with external multimedia devices. But this recorder also possesses all that is necessary to make it the "best of the best" as a home theater video deck. Through a combination of these audio recording technologies and the built-in MTS decoder, the HR-DVS1 is capable of recording high quality programs and SAP TV broadcasts off the air so the user can create his own superior video library.

And since the clock time is kept accurate by time data found in certain PBS broadcast signals, set-up is literally a one-time operation. Also, the provided "Cable Eye" cable box controller allows automatic channel switching when timer-recording a cable TV show.

This gives you the kind of viewing versatility that is simply not possible with ordinary video decks. With the HR-DVS1, JVC brings together the best of both worlds - the high-quality world of MiniDV and its far-reaching digital possibilities, and the high-quality world of Super VHS which offers future-ready performance while maintaining compatibility with the many VHS tapes you've accumulated over the years into one high-quality video deck that you can enjoy for years and years.

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Duel Deck VCR Review:JVC HR-DVS1U


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