As part of our range of push-in pneumatic fittings , Fluid Controls stock and supplies push-in and pneumatic compression fittings from Parker Legris. As UK Parker distributors , we can provide your business with high-performance fittings from the manufacturers Legris division. Parker Legris fittings are designed to connect, convey and control compressed air, as well as gasses and liquids within industrial applications. Push-in fittings from Parker Legris are ideally suited for dealing with compressed air and pneumatic systems. Legris push-to-connect fittings provide an intuitive means of connecting tubes for establishing a fluid distribution network within your process. Featuring a cost-effective patented design, Legris push-in pneumatic fittings benefit from quick installation times, as well as improving application efficiency and possessing exceptional lifespans compared to other push-in fittings available elsewhere on the market.

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The LF range of durable composite fittings is ideal for pneumatic installations good looking and compact. The LF range is the answer to very small pneumatic installations with severe size and weight constraints, together with an absolute requirement for precision and reliability. These 2 "eco-designed" ranges propose an innovative alternative for water and beverage applications.

No fluid contamination occurs and environmental protection is guaranteed. These fittings ensure reliable and compact connections for liquid transfer applications. These fittings ensure reliable and compact connections as well as excellent robustness, particularly when combined with metallic ports.

Vacuum capability, working pressure up to 30 bar. The CleanFit range ensures improved productivity and increased safety for people and process in all applications where cleanliness is the main requirement in the fields of medical, clean rooms and clean process.

Parker Legris CleanFit fittings reduce contamination, thereby maximising fluid efficiency and guaranteeing optimum cleanliness in vacuum-packed antistatic packaging. The optic fibre range, composed of connectors that are transparent and highly mechanically resistant, has been specifically designed for FTTx networks: direct buried or direct install.

In order to meet severe and demanding conditions of use in air circuits in transportation, this range of lightweight polyamide fittings offers excellent technical performance and respects the new EURO6 environmental requirements. To meet severe and demanding applications such as pneumatic circuits in transportation, Prestomatic 2 fittings conform to the international standards offering robustness, reliability and mechanical resistance. The LF range, in nickel plated brass, is designed to convey fluids in moderately agressive environments or for food applications.

The LF and LF ranges, with an all stainless steel construction, are designed to convey fluids in aggressive environments for numerous applications: food industry, chemicals, medical… Body and sub-bases in AISI L, FKM seals. This range is designed to implement sealing capability directly into other components; it can optimize dimensions, installation time and compatibility with different environments. Parker Legris proposes polymer or metal cartridges, suitable for different usage constraints or housing.

The metal range comes in different materials: brass and stainless steel. Modify the selected country. Homepage Low Pressure The online catalog instant fitting Visual search. Amend selection. Please, select a product family in the following list.


Legris - Connection Solutions for Industrial Fluids

Connection Solutions for Industrial Fluids Product Guide This product guide is a representative overview of the Legris low pressure offer. Legris, a division of Parker Hannifin Group, designs, manufactures and markets innovative solutions for connecting, conveying and controlling industrial fluids. Inventor of, and leader in, low pressure instant connection, Legris has based its development and success on essential strategic customer-focused values. To meet current and future industrial requirements Legris Connectic works closely with companies that are present in all industrial fields and offers a wide range of products and services in order to meet the requirements of various sectors: assembly and packaging machines, Additional information accessible to everyone via the Legris website www. Three search facilities direct the user to a complete and real-time, updated product file with technical drawings and pictures. Each catalogue offers the possibility to place and receive quotation requests, which will be sent to distributors within the same corresponding geographical area.


Legris Push-In & Pneumatic Fittings

Click here. A Division of the Parker Hannifin Group since , Parker Legris has developed its core competencies in 2 major activities : Connectic : push-to-connect fittings for all industries. Push-in fittings allow fast circuit assembly for conveying compressed air, gas, or liquids at a wide range of pressures and temperatures. Connection and disconnection is immediate and manual. The types of tubing and hose offered by Parker Legris include: polyamide, polyurethane, anti-spark, fluoropolymer, polyethylene, self-fastening, PVC, USP, and ether clean tubing. Legris brass compression fittings are compact and easy to assemble, provide excellent sealing qualities, and are suitable for use with various types of tubing.


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These fittings ensure reliable and compact connections as well as excellent robustness, particularly when combined with metallic ports. Parker Legris offers a wide range of tubing and hose to meet your application's requirements for the standard to the most demanding industrial applications, such as medical of clean rooms. The types of tubing and hose offered by Parker Legris include: polyamide, polyurethane, anti-spark, fluoropolymer, polyethylene, self-fastening, PVC, USP and ether clean tubing. Parker Legris function fittings flow control regulators, piloted function fittings, non-return valves, … allow you to exert even greater control over your installations. Compact, reliable and easy to install, these fittings can be used in various applications, including: food and beverage, in-plant automotive, printing, textile and water treatment industries, The Parker Legris range of ball valves, including standard, axial, and needle valves, provides a reliable means of opening and closing fluid systems. Modify the selected country.

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