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Erweiterte Suche. Springer Medizin. Wichtige Hinweise. Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article doi: Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interest. AS, DTA and EMCN wrote parts of the manuscript, helped in the preparation of the interview form, contributed ideas to the study, and aided in the discussion and review of the manuscript.

All the authors read and approved the final manuscript. This study analyzed the knowledge of fishermen from three municipal areas of Bahia in northeast Brazil regarding the behavior repertoire of sharks and the possible influence that these perceptions may have on the inclination to preserve these animals.

This is a pioneering study on the ethnobiological aspects of elasmobranchs in Brazil. Methods Open, semi-structured interviews with shark fishing specialists were conducted between September and October The data were analysed with quantitative approach and conducted with the use of descriptive statistical techniques.

Results Sixty-five fishermen were interviewed. Because they identify sharks as predators, the detailed recognition of the behaviours exhibited is crucial both for an efficient catch and to avoid accidents.

Therefore, this knowledge is doubly adaptive as it contributes to safer, more lucrative fishing. In Reproductive biology and phylogeny of chondrichthyes: sharks, batoids, and chimaeras. Edited by: Hamlett WC. CrossRef PubMed. Mar Policy.

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Edited by: Inglis JT. Ruddle K: The transmission of traditional ecological knowledge. Geographical Journal. Ocean Coast Manage. J Environ Manage. Fish Fish. Ano Base J EthnobiolEthnomed. Rev Gest Cost Integ. Edited by: Ribeiro D. Biodiversidade da fauna marinha profunda na costa central brasileira. World Wide Web electronic publication. PhD thesis. Ball JA: Memes as replicators. Neot Ichthyol. Ecolog Econ. J Ethnobiol. Sharks, rays and chimaeras: the status of the Chondrichthyan fishes.

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Conser Lett. Publikationsdatum Reviewer acknowledgement Annual acknowledgement of manuscript reviewers. Research Insect repellent plants traditional usage practices in the Ethiopian malaria epidemic-prone setting: an ethnobotanical survey.

Research Factors affecting ethnobotanical knowledge in a mestizo community of the Sierra de Huautla Biosphere Reserve, Mexico. Med Mein e. Med Abrechnung Mein e. Dent Mein b.


“Shark is the man!”: ethnoknowledge of Brazil’s South Bahia fishermen regarding shark behaviors

Erweiterte Suche. Springer Medizin. Wichtige Hinweise. Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article doi:




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