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Print Search. Posts: Country:. Yes, no one is going to be able to find a datasheet for an LCD model that doesn't exist. If you mean the LT14 1 X7 then someone 10 years ago was successful in asking Samsung about it , perhaps you should try the same. There's plenty of I'll look to see what data I did gathered for mine a while back I might still have it with the description of the lvds cable for mine.

But I think mine was a sharp display from a dell, capable of x at 60Hz. Seems your display can go up to x Edit: mine didn't have the EDID signals connected either but the controller board would select the supported ones, I didn't get the programmer for my controller board because it was just a one off, but the boards that njytouch sells can be reprogrammed and he sells the programmer as well. One thing, the power supply I got from him, the power cable failed, but I replaced it and the supply is fine.

Quote from: legacy on July 21, , pm. It's not like yours since this one has a 30 pin LVDS connector. But it's an Samsung LTNX so if yours is anything like this it should have the signals on the silk screen and test points that you can solder to if you don't want to make your own LVDS cable.

This one is a 30 pin one so the signals don't match your 20 pin one and the ground and VCC are swapped. But be careful removing the tape covering the board if you want to double check if the signals I linked before match your display they should. Be specially careful with the connection between the driver board and the actual LCD, those are pretty fragile and the tape covering the LVDS connector does protect them. I still have a 14" panel from a Powerbook lomard, I don't remember the exact model number, but I do remember I did see a datasheet or something like that a few years ago, like or I will look at details on the one I use that is a WUXGA capable one x that allows full p and still has some pixels left for an UI under or over the video.

It's also a bit bigger at Take your pick! Quote from: miguelvp on July 22, , am. There was an error while thanking. SMF 2. EEVblog on Youtube.


14.1" Samsung LT141X7-124






Samsung LT141X7-124


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