Learn more about the Hitachi SuperScan before you decide to buy. Superscan KSJ No menu. Manual for your. SuperScan , as applied to network security, is a Window-platform port scanning freeware.. They will do every function for the unit i.

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Thank you for choosing Magicar MF, a state-of-the-art Two Way alarm remotstartsystemforyourvehicle. We, Youngshin Electronics Co. Securityandcomfort,that swhatyoungshinelectronicsco.

When you insert a battery in the remote, the LCD will show each icon one by one with music play. Inordertoauto-startyourmanualtransmissioncar,youmustfirstsetthe Magicar system to Reservation Mode before leaving your vehicle.

The purpose of Reservation Mode is to leave the transmission gear in the neutralpositionwhenyouleaveyourvehicle. Itwillbedangeroustousethesystemifthedoorpinswitchisnotingood workingorder. Ifthevehiclestartsinanyotherposition,itisverydangeroustochoosethe automatic transmission mode. Youngshin shall not be responsible for any damages or consequences resulting from failure to choose the manual transmission mode for these vehicles.

Please make sure your remote has the serial number. YoumaybechargedforrepairifthedamageisresultedfromtheActof God, abuse or improper care of the product. The Youngshin swarrantydoesnotcoveranyoftheoptionalaccessories, suchas,externalrelaysordooractuators. We are not responsible for any injuries or damages resulting from your failure to comply with the above requirements. Description of Remote Appearance 2. Magicar color LCD 3. LCD Icons 4. Remote-Pager Button Functions 5.

More Button Functions 6. Reservation Mode manual transmission only Canceling Reservation Mode Real Time Remote Paging Functions S Remote Paging System Keyless Entry with R. S Sensor Paging for Shock Sensing PagingforTheft LowCarBatteryAlert Starter-KillFunction Reporting Door Opening Propane gas powered vehicles Remote-Pager Learn Routine Indicates that the Shock Sensor has been triggered. TherearedifferingiconsthatwillappearonyourMagicarLCDindicatingwhat yourvehicleiscurrentlydoing.

Auto IndicatesthatShocksensoristurnedonoroff. Indicatesthatyourcarsirenisturnedonoroffwhenyou lockorunlockthevehicle. Indicates that someone is paging you from your vehicle. Indicatesthatyourremote-pageristransmittingsignalsto thecontrollerunit. Displayifyourcarislockorunlcok Displaysremainingbatterylife. Displaysifyourvehiclehasauto-startedproperly orignitionon. Explanation 1. Remainder of the engine running time. Remainder of the battery power. Auto icon will be turned on. Longer range Auto Arming On.

Auto icon Flashes. Auto Arming turned Off. At 2 , theiconwillflash. Note : " " Represents pressing the button for 2 seconds. The numbers flash.

Beep Sound. Change time. Change minutes. You may continue for motion option. Vibratoronoroff,beepsoundfor confirmation. Selectbetween and [I ] Door Lock If the doors are closed and unlocked, you can lock and arm the vehicle by pressingbutton [I] fora second. Ifyouhearfour chirpsand4flashofthe parking lights, that means the alarm went off while the vehicle was armed. When set to Auto arming, your security system will arm automatically after all the car doors are closed, your remote is away from the vehicle by more than 50 to ft and 15 seconds have passed since the last Auto Disarm.

Your system will disarm automatically if your remote comes within 50 to ft radius from the vehicle. Setting Auto Arming Function. The range varies significantly depending on the radio signal environment.

Each time you press I buttonforonds: Firsttime:Autoiconisturnedon. Thirdtime: Autoiconisturnedoff. Note : The step 2 has to be completed within 15 seconds. Uponreceiptofthesignalfromtheremote, thesystemwillconfirmthereceipt byachirp. Insertyourkey intheignitionandturnthekeytoonpositionwithin20second afteryouopenthedoorofvehicle.

Theenginewillshutoffin20secondsafter openingthedoorifyoudonotinsertthekeyandturntoonposition. Ifyourremote-pagerhasaproblemstartingthevehicle,Magicarwilltry2 additionaltimes. Reservation Mode manual transmission only ItisthesafetysystemtoavoidAuto-Startingwhenthetransmissiongearisnotin theneutralposition. Automatic Reservation After arriving at your destination, when remove your key from the ignition, the doors will be unlocked and the engine will remain running for 2minutes. While theengineisrunning,ifyouopenandclosethedoors,theenginewillbeoffand then the Reservation Mode will be completed.

Manual Reservation If you press Button II for 2 seconds before removing the key from the ignition, thesirenwillchirponetimeandthecarparkinglightsflashonetime.

Afterthat, the engine will be running for 2 minutes, even you remove the key form the ignition. After the procedure, when the driver exits the vehicle and close the door, the engine will be shut off, and then the Reservation Mode will be completed. Note : InNoiseSensingmode,itishappenedthatsomelampsonfascia boardofvehiclesareturnedonfor3seconds. However, itisaregular Reservation process. W arning: ForManualtransmissionvehicles,themaincontrollerhastobeset Manual transmission option when Magicar systems are installed.

Pleasecarefully checkitoutagainand confirmitfromyourinstaller. Iftheengineisstartedonthestatusofnot Parking or Neutral positionsin Automatictransmissionvehicles, youshouldcheckoutthe Reservation Mode same as the Manual transmission vehicles. However, some of vehicles will not be set the Reservation Mode as per the aboveprocedure. Inthiscase, pleasesetitfollowingthemanualreservation. After completion of Reservation Mode, if the doors or trunk door are still be opened, the Reservation Mode will be cancelled.

If the key is pulled out from the ignition, the engine will be still running and Magicar system will be in the procedure of Reservation Mode. During that procedure, if the button II is pressed more than 2 seconds, the engine will be stopped and the Reservation Mode will be cancelled at the same time.

The Reservation Mode will be cancelled, if you enter the Valet Mode. Warning: ThereservationmodeforAutostartingmustbecanceled, thatis because the vehicle may be able to move down on inclination. Notethatthetrunkreleasefunctionwillnotonlyreleasethetrunkbutwillunlock allthedoorsaswell. If the trunk sensing wire has been connected, the reservation will be cancelled when you open the trunk in the manual transmission mode.

Press Button [IV] fora secondtoactivatethequeryfunction. Ittellsyouthetemperaturewitheither or Query tells you the battery voltage also. Press IV forquery. Pressonemoretimewithin6seconds,itwilltellyou thebattery svoltage. EX Forexample,ifthebatteryvoltageis In this mode, the car will arm if not armed already and the siren will activate and the parking lights will flash for 90 seconds. Panic mode will stop the remote start. In order to disengage Panic Mode, press Button [I] for a second.

Note : Sirenwillgooffifdoorsensor,shocksensor,orpanicmodeisactivated. Valet Mode is very useful when washing your vehicle orhavingitserviced. The dual stage shock sensor will activate in 30 seconds after the Magicar alarm mode is armed. When the dual shock sensor is engaged, the remote-pagersecurityalertswillbetriggeredbythefollowing: Light impact to your vehicle will activate the first stage shock sensor and the car siren will chirp 4 times in addition to the parking lights flashing 4 times.


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A wide variety of magicar car alarm system options are available to you, such as two way, one way. A wide variety of magicar car security options are available to you, such as two way, one way, and gps tracker. MAGICAR alarms and remote-start systems are the most advanced sys- tems on the market with amazing features, incomparable ease of use, and breakthrough technologies never before used in the automotive environment. View and Download Magicar MA user manual online.


Magicar M902F User Manual


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