It also ordered the parties to provide the reasons for selecting these candidates as also for not giving ticket to those without criminal antecedents, will also serve as significant pressure on political parties. It stipulated that such details should be published within 48 hours of the selection of the candidate or at least two weeks before the first date for filing of nominations, whichever is earlier. The Supreme Court verdict stipulating strict guidelines and requirements to effectively check criminalization of politics at a time when vast majority of elected representatives cutting across party-lines have criminal background should be welcomed by one and all. Unfortunately despite reports of various commissions formed at heavy public-cost for checking entry of criminals in politics, no central government took any initiative to check the big political menace, making Supreme Court to fix responsibility of complying its verdict on Election Commission where political parties will now onwards provide reasons also for giving party-tickets to criminals, indeed a difficult task for political parties.

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Officials working in the Ministry of Home Affairs continue to hide the findings and the contents of the report of the N. Vohra Committee, which was constituted more than 24 years ago to unearth the criminalisation of politics and the nexus among criminals, bureaucrats and politicians. Vohra Committee are not available with it. Vohra Committee report that had become a part of the government record since 1 May Senior intelligence agency officials, who had followed Ibrahim, said that the findings of the N.

The Committee, led by former Home Secretary N. However, it was not until August , when the Central government, facing the heat in the Naina Sahni murder case, agreed to table the report before Parliament. However, the government, under political compulsion, refused to share the major findings of the report and later went to the Supreme Court and took a stay order from making the findings of the report public. Modi has turned out to be every bit as venal as the Gandhis, a foreign implant on the soil of India that has virtually enslaved the masses and engendered the Deep State.

There is no way you can trust the bearded CEO of the nation. The Indian Army is the object of his ire and venom, who suffers from sheer jealously of the uniformed force. Lawmakers have lost trust of people and if they want to win it back, they made this report public. What is stopping this Bjp government at the centre to do this.

They have majority on their in look Sabha, largest party in rajya sabha and are in power in more than half of states in the country. Whom are they afraid of? Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Vohra Report

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Venkaiah Naidu for tabling of Vohra committee report in Parliament

Vohra , in October It studied the problem of the criminalisation of politics and of the nexus among criminals, politicians and bureaucrats in India. The report contained several observations made by official agencies on the criminal network which was virtually running a parallel government. It also discussed criminal gangs who enjoyed the patronage of politicians, of all parties , and the protection of government functionaries.

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