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The joy of buying a new car can quickly be stolen when you think of navigating the insurance jungle. Check the Typklasse of various cars at Typklassenverzeichnis. In the liability insurance Haftpflicht , the Typklasse ranges from 10 to 25; in the partial cover Teilkasko from 10 to 33 and in Full Cover Vollkasko 10 to The higher the Typklasse is the higher the charges.

The Typklassen were revised in , they now consider both the age of the car and age of the driver. The lower the number, the cheaper the insurance.

For liability, there are twelve, partial cover 16 and the nine Regional Comprehensive classes. You can check out the Regionalklassen for different areas: Regionalklassen Abfrage. Selbstbeteiligung is the amount you are willing to pay for damages. The SF-Klasse is the number of years the person was insured but never use the insurance.

The Insurer rewards their client with a discount the higher the number is. Clients should try and make contracts with higher SF-Klasse. Some countries have insurance ratings for drivers, this could also be explained in the statement and presented before a German insurance company. You are allowed to transfer your SF-Klasse to your children, sibling s or spouse. The transfer is irreversible. The SF-Klasse is dependent on the age of your driving licence.

The liability insurance is compulsory. Anyone taking a car insurance should ensure they pick a liability insurance with the highest cover. By law, the lowest cover should be 7. Experts encourage that you pick the highest which is million. It may also be worth checking if the liability insurance applies in other countries in case you crash a rented car.

Usually a good idea for cars not older than eight years or cars of very high worth. Share with friends:. Previous article. Next article.


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Typklasse - Autotypklasse - Versicherungstypklasse - KFZ-Typklasse Peugeot


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