The Sikhinside had telecast live on The Historical evidence is that Bachitar Natak now called Dasam Granth was earlier known by other names. The Gurdwaras were reminded by MGC vide letter dated to remain united. At a meeting called by M. Not complying with SRM will bring disaster and disunity among the Sikhs.

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What we feared has finally happened. An organization has eventually laid bare its true agenda. A gurdwara in Kuala Lumpur and its sanggat became the first casualty of a disastrous journey down a slippery slope towards blasphemy. Any which way one sees it, it is an act of gross blasphemy to the sanctity and spiritual sacredness of our Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The underlying principles are clear.

In the spiritual sense it is an act of blasphemy. Such acts are the hallmark of traitors whose loyalty lies elsewhere. No Emperor would tolerate such sedition and betrayal. A Manjee , complete with pillows and cushions, was placed on the kirtan stage. The Bachitar Natak was placed on the Manjee. The opening of the book was then conducted.

The palkan side rumalas were installed. And the main rumala was placed over it. All along the Chaur was waived. The sangat appeared to have been caught by surprise. In any event the Sanggat sat passive and bore witness to the highest act of blasphemy in front of their eyes. The narrative laid bare the ultimate agenda of the Academy. Clearly and in no uncertain terms. It was a tutorial on how to install the Bachitar Natak.

How to go back to your Gurdwara and repeat the blasphemy of Titiwangsa when the opportunity arises. It was a preparation session on how to justify this blatant act when questioned by enlightened and awakened members of the sangat. The fall-out has been fast and severe. Gurdwaras have put their committees and sangats on alert. The direction and advice from MGC is eagerly awaited for Gurdwaras to initiate their own actions against the Academy. In the quest to blur the glaring act of blasphemy and to pull wool over the eyes of Malaysian Sikhs, the Academy and its apologists have spun arguments that qualify as hogwash.

Some of their claims are as follows:. Installing a disputed book — large portions of which are against the teachings of the SGGS and cannot even be read out aloud in the sanggat due to its graphic sexual content — is not mere disrespect.

It is an act of treachery, disloyalty, and treason. Such a lame excuse sounds like the infamous and immoral former president of a country who said he smoked marijuana a lot but did not inhale.

Enlightened Sikhs will rise to the occasion and ensure that such agendas are not realised. Blasphemy does not take away audacity, it fuels it. Trying to justify a mistake with a previous one is the trademark of twisted minds. But by comparison, however, the mistake of doing Chaur over the slippers may be one that is the result of ignorance. Two individuals tried to disrupt a Ek Granth program at a local Gurdwara. One stood up in the diwan pretending to ask questions while the Ek Granth katha was ongoing.

When asked to sit down by the sangat , a second one stoop up and mouthed vulgarites in the sangat. Attempts were made to disrupt Ek Granth forums, diwans and katha at two other Gurdwaras — in Ipoh and Selangor. The attempts fizzled out, but not before laying bare the agenda of the Bachitar Natak apologists. We are now clear why its apologists were hell bent on disrupting Ek Granth launches, sessions and katha programs. We are further clear as to why the apologists tried so desperately to physically disrupt and stop Ek Granth progams organised by Gurdwara committees and sanggats.

We are finally clear why at least one desperate soul tried to take down the Ek Granth banners posted in gurdwaras nationwide. The blasphemous act at Titiwangsa was timed to fit into a global agenda to install the rival Bachitar Natak in as many Gurdwaras worldwide as possible during the th Celebration of the Parkash Utsav of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

There were seminars, talks and workshops on Bachitar Natak. There was a Nagar Kirtan in Mumbai with the Bachitar Natak being placed within a palki , complete with rumalley and chaur sewa. Only the Akal Takht has the authority to issue edicts of any kind. Transgressors forfeit the right to advise and dictate to others. They are, therefore, best ignored. The 5 th of January was supposed to have been a D-day for Sikhs across the world. Sikhs in as many Gurdwaras possible were to be greeted with a rival Granth installed side by side the SGGS as they turned up in the morning to celebrate the Parkash Utsav of their beloved Guru.

This modus operandi is seen recorded and posted on Youtube relating at least one UK Gurdwara. In Malaysia, one can only thank the MGC for its swift condemnation and written advise to Gurdwaras nationwide to be on the alert. The MGC must rise to the occasion to provide leadership to the Malaysian Gurdwaras and Sanggats and to hold the Academy accountable for its divisive acts. The MGC provides parcharaks , material and advice in this regard.

Many Gurdwaras have already done so and are thus safe from the problem of a rival granth. He also conducts Gurbani Katha in local Gurdwaras. He is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Visit our website: www. Discover of new Sikh manuscripts? Asia Samachar , 4 Aug THE mughals,the british too said they will win.. It is a shame that while the world governments ste bringing in legisation to protect women from abuse,some led by idiocrisy,are promtong same literature of sex that leads to rape etc.

It is readibg such books thst indians have bern brazzenly rspiing in their country …Perhsps these porno lovers …og dadam are asking for it??? Indeed, it is not only a blasphemy but a clear attempt by back stabbers of the Panth to mislead the Panth, and also devalue the supremacy of the Guru Granth sahib.

A very mischeivious attempt to divide the community, as mentioned by Sr Gursharan Singh and create divisions and chaos, while helping their RSS masters, who are in close league with the derawadh elements,as their survival is rooted strongly in such devious books of mythology and fiction, while crediting the guru sahiban with such filth as found in this book. If this was a compnay registered under the federal consumer laws, if not in Malaysia, in the Western countries, it would have been charged for fraud and mis- selling to the public.

HK , JI, Your simpleton mind, made me smile, which I should not have really, considering the herd mentality I have seen from another. Fer teri soch anudhari te adhuri reh gyi, ji. If they so choose to go against the majority of the panth, they cannot be loyalist of the Guru Panth. Thus such words like Guru nindak and Panth dokhi are in place for such people. Esspecially when considering new names like obscure kala afghana etc are created by these lesser developed, in misguided loyalty, and brainwashed mentality, that uses absolutely no intelligent rationale.

But than, some mothers do have them. Dr KS Ji,is absolutely right in his assertions, there has been a world wide, a well planned attempt to destablise the Guru Granth sahib, but despite a lot of hot air and claims, it has had the contrary effect, as Sikhs of Guru Granth sahib awoke, and now have started to reject every and each word of the traitors led by polygynyst Iqbal Sinh in Patna.

There are three others on the side. The Sikhs from Canada are worthy of praise, when they successfuly and freely distributed leaflets in exposing the falsehood of Bachiter Natak, in Patna. After, they had left, this Guru nindal malech Iqbal of Patna, arises to issue his venomous statements, which no Sikh is paying any attention to, quite the contrary think, Iqbal is sick.

Surfing the nets, I realise these misled are only vocal, but not large in numbers, despite the loud mouths, without any meaningful contribution. What these unfortunately cursed people did in Titiwangsa, is NOT support by the law, let me make that clear.

I can assure, the erring Malaysians,and BN promoters, you will not have a leg to stand upon should this ever be taken to to court. Readers, are invited to further ask and share views, as long they are factually based. The SRM that the author of this article sites, also says to believe in the writings of all 10 gurus in addition to Guru Granth Sahib.

Was there a conclusion to it in India or England. However, it succeded in dividing the community there. Now the same is occurring here.

Everyone is becoming a preacher. I have heard from karminder and also to the other party which he called and labelled as traitors …. Thank you Dr Karminder for writing this article.

You narrated my feelings towards the traitors of the panth. Cowards hiding behind the name of Sri Guru Granth Sahib but showing blatant disrespect. To MGC thank you for effort however you need to do more to remove these traitors fr our Gurdwaras once n for all. To the Titiwangsa Gurd Committee, u each are a disgrace for allowing this treachery to occur. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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Bachittar Natak

What we feared has finally happened. An organization has eventually laid bare its true agenda. A gurdwara in Kuala Lumpur and its sanggat became the first casualty of a disastrous journey down a slippery slope towards blasphemy. Any which way one sees it, it is an act of gross blasphemy to the sanctity and spiritual sacredness of our Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The underlying principles are clear. In the spiritual sense it is an act of blasphemy.


Apni Katha from Bachittar Natak – Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale

As evident from the editorial notes at the end of the Chandi Charitra, Chaubees Avatars and Upavatar, they are all a part of Bachittar Natak Obviously then the Bachittar Natak is not only an autobiographical narrative of the protagonist but it also includes the biographies of the great protagonists who emerged on the world screen over the past many ages. However, the literary piece entitled the Bachittar Natak that features in the Dasam Granth is purely an autobiographical piece which highlights incidents related to Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Only 32 years of his life are accounted for here in. Some references to his previous birth also exist.


Bachittar Natak Katha Jangvir Singh Ddt With Jago Wale

Although the word "Natak" means "drama" in Punjabi , this is no drama. The writer has outlined the circumstance and history of the time and how great courage and strength was required to overcome the many hurdles that were upon the community. It starts with a praise of the God "Akal Purukh". It gives the author's own biography and includes the Battle of Nadaun , Husaini battle and the arrival of prince Muazzam in the Punjab. It continues up to AD It is written in early Braj bhasha with some Apabhramsha influence.


Blasphemy it is!


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