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Buber, who is today known mainly as a key representative of dialogical philosophy, was in the s part of the double wave of German and Jewish nationalism which strongly affected the German-speaking Jewish public. Buber provided intellectual support for this wave of nationalism and interpreted World War I as a unique chance for the spiritual unification of European Jewry.

Consequent to his conflict with Gustav Landauer Buber underwent a complex intellectual and existential transformation. He abandoned key concepts of his pre-dialogical thought and laid the foundations of his dialogical thought.

He rejected his endorsement of Geman nationalism and substantially reevaluated his political positions. The Dialogical Philosophy of Martin Buber]. Trnava: UCM. Brody, S. Buber, M. Ekstatische Konfessionen. Gesammelt von Martin Buber [Ecstatic confessions. Collected by Martin Buber]. Jena: Eugen Diederichs. From a letter to a Dutchman]. Der Neue Merkur , 1 2 , Die Losung [The Watchword].

Der Jude , 1 1 , Buber, Vom Geist des Judentums. Reden und Geleitworte [On the spirit of Judaism. Speeches and forewords] pp. Leipzig: Kurt Wolff Verlag. Der Jude , 1 8 , Unser Nationalismus [Our nationalism]. Zweite Folge [The Jewish movement. Collected essays and addresses —20] pp. Vom Geist des Judentums. Speeches and forewords]. Munich: Kurt Wolff. Ich und Du [I and Thou]. Leipzig: Insel-Verlag. I and Thou R. Smith, Trans.

Edinburgh: T. Martin Buber. Briefwechsel aus sieben Jahrzehnten [Martin Buber. Correspondence from seven decades]. Schaeder, G. Heidelberg: Verlag Lambert Schneider, vols.

Das dialogische Prinzip [The dialogical principle]. Heidelberg: Verlag Lambert Schneider. The Letters of Martin Buber. A Life of Dialogue N. Glatzer and P. Mendes-Flohr, Eds. Winston and H. Zohn, Trans. Schulte Ed. A Debate among Jews from Germany] pp. Stuttgart: Reclam. Cohn, M. Eine Bibliographie seiner Schriften.

A Bibligraphy of his Writings. Jerusalem et al. Friedman, M. New York: Paragon House. Horwitz, R. Jay Martin Songs of Experience. Mendes-Flohr, P. Von der Mystik zum Dialog. Martin Buber as a Habsburg Intellectual. Gross and Y.

Weiss Eds. Buberov spor s Kierkegaardom. On the relationship of religion to ethics and politics]. Bratislava: Kalligram. Shapira, A. Hope for Our Time. Open Access. About Us. English Deutsch. Sign In Create Profile. Advanced Search Help. Subject Areas Subject Areas. Access Metrics. Abstract References Recommendations. Keywords: nationalism ; national identity ; kinetic community ; dialogical philosophy ; war ; Jewish-German relations. Export References. Purchase article. Add to Cart.

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Anti-Babel: The 'Mystical Postulate' in Benjamin, de Certeau and Derrida


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