When testing in accordance with ASTM D and AASHTO T standards, the LP measurements can be used to determine mixing and compaction temperatures of asphalt and estimate binder flow, mix, and performance characteristics in varying climatic conditions. A rotating spindle is placed in asphalt binder heated to precisely controlled temperatures using the LPA Thermosphere Set. Real-time graphing of data is saved in a comprehensive database and can be exported in PDF or. The Fungilab App supports multiple languages and displays all test parameters and measured values for yield stress, viscosity, and temperature. User-defined programs include time to torque, time to stop, step, and ramp. Multiple programs can be created and saved for later use.

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First Name. Last Name. There are many reasons for making rheology measurements. Often, the objectives of rheology testing or viscosity testing are to identify and quantify rheological properties that correlate to consumer perceived product attributes. These attributes can include: How does it look in its container on the store shelf?

How easily does the product dispense squeeze, pump or spray from the container? Does the lotion easily spread on the face, hands or nails? How does it apply to a hard or soft surface, and remain on the surface? One of the objectives of Rheology Central is to quantify consumer perception of product attributes that are rheology driven.

We complete comprehensive rheology studies of consumer properties specifically for correlation to consumer sensory studies. Are your products pseudoplastic, viscoelastic?

Do they exhibit time dependent shear effects such as thixotropy or rheopexy? Many products are non-Newtonian pseudoplastic fluids. Emulsions and other complex dispersions are frequently viscoelastic. What can the strain sweeps and frequency sweeps tell us about your product? And how does this relate to consumer product perceptions and preferences?

Viscosity testing as a function of shear rate, time, temperature. Hands-on viscosity Consultancy Data Analysis. Business contacts Find a contact person to discuss opportunities to expand your business. After-sales service Find contact details for your after-sales service requirements. Unfortunately, no references matched your search criteria. Select a market. Mariana Isls. Helena St. Pierre and Miquelon St. Text Area. I read and agree with the Privacy notice.

I want to subscribe to DKSH newsletters. Thank you for your message. Contact us. Fungilab - Master Series. Back to product overview. Contact Email. Afzalur Alfan, Manager, Business Development. Fungilab is the key company to give you all of the answers in Viscosity filed. Available Models. Fungilab Master Series - Alpha. Read more about Alpha series. Fungilab Master Series - Smart. Read more about Smart series. Fungilab Master Series - Expert. Read more about Expert series.

Fungilab Master Series - Premium. Read more about Premium series. Key Features. Time to stop: target time pre-setting device.

Key Industries. Hands-on viscosity Consultancy Data Analysis Fungilab. Similar products. Fungilab - Viscolead Series. You are now leaving our website. Please click "proceed" or "cancel" if you wish to remain on this website. Proceed Cancel.


Fungilab V-Pad Rotational Viscometer

Don't have a profile? Accessory to determine viscosity in products that do not flow easily. Silicone Standard Oils to check and calibrate rotational viscosity standrad oils. Fungilab Cannon-Fenske Opaque Capillary Viscometers are used for dark Newtonian liquids and to study shearing stress and shearing rate. Accurately measure viscosities with these stainless steel spindles. Stainless Steel Spindles come in a variety of volumes and viscosity ranges.


Fungilab Rotational Viscometer - Viscolead One

This unit includes a PT temperature sensor, Fungilab's Datalogger software, 10 working memories, and a chemical-resistant touchpad. This instrument provides optimal…. Related Products: Rotational Viscometers. Fungilab's low viscosity adapter is used with our rotational viscometers to provide accurate readings and shear rate measurements on materials with viscosities as low as 1 cP mPas. Note: Spindles are not included. Note: A temperature….


Fungilab ViscoLead ONE Rotational Viscometers



Viscometer Fungilab


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