The preacher should also take care of appropriate people to work at the clinic, as well as their training. Pobierz pliki. Zasady cytowania. Decreti, dichiarazioni, documenti pastorali per la Chiesa italiana , Bologna , nr

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The signs of contemporary crisis of marriage in Europe and in Poland are visible in the increasing number of invalid marriages and the dissolution of both marriage and family bonds. The deep reflection upon sociocultural situation, the practice of the sacrament of marriage preparation and making a diagnosis of this field of priesthood are crucial. The durability of marriage and family is strictly connected with such social phenomena as: the development of new cultural models, the ease of customs, media impact on culture, restricting faith to private sphere and marginalization of the significance of the Church.

Sociocultural changes lead to the need of formulating a positive answer and implementing conclusions in the practice of preparation for the sacrament of marriage. Such postulates emerge from different fields: psychology, interpersonal communication, Christian formation, homogeneity of requirements and rules. Home Archives Vol 52 Family Studies. Hozjusza 15, Olsztyn About author. Abstract The signs of contemporary crisis of marriage in Europe and in Poland are visible in the increasing number of invalid marriages and the dissolution of both marriage and family bonds.

Keywords engaged couple; marriage preparation; sacrament of matrimony; divorce; family ministries. Rynio red. Derdziuk A. Tomasik red. Korelacja i dialog, Warszawa Dziewiecki M. Franciszek, Adhortacja apostolska Evangelii gaudium. Gajda J. Wilk red. Goban-Klas T. Grzesiuk L. Jakubowicz T.

Juszczyk S. Konferencja Episkopatu Polski, Dyrektorium duszpasterstwa rodzin Laskowski J. Studium socjologiczne, Lublin Mazur S. Misiaszek K. Pisula R. Ku katechezie katechumenalnej, Katecheta 43 , nr 1. Piwowarski W. Zdaniewicz red. Zarys problematyki. Otwock Temkin B. Krakowiak, L. Adamowicz red. Published : Make a Submission. Heweliusza 14; Olsztyn e-mail: wydawca uwm.


Marriage Preparation in Regard to Modern Cultural Demands

The journal content is indexed in CrossCheck , the CrossRef initiative to prevent scholarly and professional plagiarism. Looking at the title of the article, the reader may wonder whether such two different realities which are mystical marriage and marital relations, if at all they have something in common and whether such different realities can assemble together? It should be noted that this study is the first part of a diptych and in the second there is an answer and its justification. This part, which takes the form of a prologue, explains what is mystical marriage and how it shapes between Jesus and St.


Gaudium set spes as an Inspiration for the Pastoral Care of the Family in Poland

The Apostolic constitution Gaudium et spes of the Second Vatican Council indicates its pastoral nature. The author of this article makes the point that this part had an essential influence on the concept and activity of pastoral care of the family in Poland. The teaching of the Second Vatican Council on marriage and family was later authoritatively interpreted and developed in Papal documents: Paul VI mainly in the encyclical letter Humanae vitae and John Paul II especially in the Apostolic exhortation Familiaris consortio, the encyclical letter Evangelium vitae, and Letter to the Families. Papal teaching has allowed the pastoral care of the family to deeper understand the message of the Second Vatican Council and to better incorporate it into everyday life. But it was easier to present the doctrine of the Catholic Church on marriage and family than to convince the youth, betrothed and married couples to apply it in life. Przygoda, M.





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