Once EcoreTools is installed in your environment, you can start using it either to create a new Ecore model from scratch or to edit an already existing model. EcoreTools provide a wizard setting up your Ecore project. The next page request a project name. The general convention is to use a java namespace notation for your project name.

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Report message to a moderator. Powered by: FUDforum 3. Breadcrumbs Home Projects Forums. Eclipse Community Forums Forum Search:. Powered by FUDForum. Page generated in 0. Sign up to our Newsletter A fresh new issue delivered monthly. Eclipse Community Forums. Forum Search:. Fri, 08 August Rolf Theunissen Messages: Registered: April Hello, We are currently migrating our tools suite to the Luna release.

Part of it are numerous. Is there any way to open these diagrams in Luna. Recreating these diagrams would be a lot of work, which blocks us in migrating to Luna. Great that a new better tool is created to create new ecore-diagrams. But how about support for the old users out of the box: - A way to open the old editors, that is,. Re: Opening. Tue, 12 August Installing version 1. Software being installed: Diagram Editor for Ecore 1. Running the current head from git in Luna does allow open the.

Installing from the 2. Sat, 04 April Emil Peric Messages: 7 Registered: February Hi Rolf, i think i have a solution for migrating ecorediag to aird. Create a new Eclipse modeling project in Eclipse Luna then import your old project with ecorediag models in Eclipse Luna.

In the new Eclipse Modeling project open the ecore file double click on it and it opens in the panel. Right click on it and chose Load resources, chose "From workspace" and navigate to the old Eclipse project and chose the ecorediag file you want to migrate.

Now you will have in the panel two ecore files, the new one and the old one. Just drag and drop all the classes from the old one to the new one. After that open the diagram panel and chose on the Palette "Add" it will open a window from where you can chose the newly imported classes, just mark them all and they will populate the diagram. You will loos all the elements positions but all the relations would be there.

Be aware if you have lots of elements i have few hundreds the diagram navigation will be very slow. Hope it helps. Tue, 01 September I've downloaded the new Eclipse 4. Was this made on purpose? Thu, 12 November Cedric Brun Messages: Registered: July Accessing external meta-models and code generation. How to use compile-time annotations in ECore model without introducing runtime dependency.


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For simplicity sake, the different steps meta-model, model creation, as well as model handling through Kermeta introduced in the scope of this tutorial are illustrated by means of the finite state machines classical example. Enter a name for the meta-model file e. Choose EPackage as the Model Object i. If Omondo is installed, the meta-model can be edited by means of the Omondo graphical editor.

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