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Discussion in ' DIY ' started by gort69 , Jan 11, Log in or Sign up. Messages: 1, Location: Vancouver, WA. I bought a rather hacked KR with blown outputs on the left channel. I would like to replace all of the transistors on the power amp board.

A previous owner has butchered this thing badly picture attached with all sorts of oddball replacements and beautiful soldering, so I would like to start over. I can order the caps myself, but need some help with the transistors. I have spent a fair amount of time searching the forum for subs, but am hoping someone can look over my list and point out errors, make better recommendations, or comment otherwise.

Have also attached a scan of the power amp schematic. I'm also hoping someone can point out which are the differential pairs so that I can order a bunch of them to match them up. Thank you very much for any help on this! Last edited: Jan 11, Messages: 4, Qe 2sa are your differential pairs. SoundOfSound , Jan 11, Messages: 30, Location: uk.. The other one has the wrong pin out. You need the collector in the center. Halisson likes this. Outstanding - thanks! I don't feel very confident about my sub for Qe19,20 - there is no datasheet available.

There are some odd things on your list. You have Qe 7,8 as 2sa but on the schematic it says 2sa WB. I was wondering if someone would bring that up. Since this board has been messed with so much, I pulled the power amp from another KR I have that is unmolested, and listed here what is actually installed on the board. My understanding is that Kenwood and likely others used what they could get their hands on at the time. Those two transistors simply have "A" printed on them - I'm assuming they are 2sa Can you determine if Qe 7,8 have the collector or the base at the center pin.

I'm getting conflicting information about a replacement. What part is on the messed up board? Yeah, that's a reason I I'm looking at the other board.

On the board I'm working on, Qe7 says a and Qe8 says a and both are very obvious poorly done replacements. Am i correct in assuming "2s" should be in front of those? Yes, 2s There are replacements but you have to be sure if the center is a base or a collector. Are there any markings that tell the gain of the part that you can read? The a also says "GR 5K". The a also says "5E C4". Do you see any gain numbers on any of those parts? Does this help?

I really appreciate your taking the time to help me with this. Yea GR it looks like. Will do. Here are the datasheets for the outputs. Are those Qe the drivers? Curious what you think about my selection on those. As you can tell I'm new to this. I asked a question about the outputs earlier today.

You want to use the complementary pairs listed on the datasheet. This package is a TO and the other one has a TO Lots of room for those. Is a TO bigger than a TO? You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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A673 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

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Transistor Sub Help Please - Kenwood KR-7600

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